Twitter's collection of LZO and Protocol Buffer-related Hadoop, Pig, Hive, and HBase code.


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free big data training Fazal Ahmed 3/31/17
big data online training Fazal Ahmed 3/16/17
Querying LZO Indexed Protobuf with Hive Raktim Bora 12/12/16
Reading uncompressed Protobuf files into Pig using Elephant-Bird? Raktim Bora 10/21/16
Hive Protocol Buffer - NullPointerException while creating table in Hive Avinash Deshmukh 10/13/16
Big Data Analyst Training infoc...@gmail.com 9/23/16
Hadoop training in bay area Info Cim 9/19/16
Hadoop big data videos infoc...@gmail.com 9/16/16
Big Data Analyst Training infoc...@gmail.com 7/4/16
Hadoop Training in bay area Info Cim 6/22/16
Parsing intermediate Json array using elephant bird in PIG Sabhub 6/3/16
Big data Tutorials infoc...@gmail.com 4/28/16
Base64 gzip protobuff biswa...@gmail.com 4/21/16
Read protobuf data into hive VinNi 2/8/16
Big Data Hadoop Training and Certification – Intellipaat Anita Goyal 2/2/16
How likely is proto3 support? mattias....@klarna.com 1/19/16
issue with ProtobufPigLoader loading lzo compressed file with one protobuf record per line varnit 10/9/15
EB/Hive/Protobuf StackOverflowError error su...@relcy.com 6/22/15
ClassCastException while reading json protobuf data through hive external table using EB Narayanan K 6/11/15
S3 + Protobuf -> EMR + Spark (Scala) Giancarlo 5/25/15
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