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mvm package error chirag lakhani 7/7/14
Use Pig with many Thrift files or Thrift objects ? alexis...@crisalid.com 6/18/14
Get Tuple Schema from Protobuf Object in Pig UDF Narayanan K 6/13/14
LZO Combine File Input Format.. Again Jeremy Davis 5/28/14
Elephabt Bird version 4.5 released Raghu Angadi 5/15/14
Need help with EB/Protobuf/EMR/Hive da...@livefyre.com 5/15/14
ClassCastException while reading json protobuf data through hive external table using EB Narayanan K 5/6/14
Hive 0.11 with Elephant Bird yash.r...@lookout.com 4/28/14
Regarding combining lzo files Rajitha Rampalli 3/10/14
error org.apache.hadoop.mapred.Reporter$1 cannot be cast to org.apache.hadoop when running scalding do...@twitter.com 2/25/14
Using elephant bird to read/write protobuf data Paul A. Steckler 2/13/14
[Newbie] Need help converting JSON -> thrift for use in POJava and Hive Frank Schröder 2/12/14
should the JSON data be a JSON array format. Sandeep Ambekar 12/28/13
Accessing Array field (PIG) Arnaud G 12/16/13
Sequencefile storage issue samee...@gmail.com 12/5/13
EB's mahout integration samee...@gmail.com 12/4/13
EB 4.3 and ThriftPigLoader with Pig 0.12 Rohan 11/29/13
Getting an error compiling latest master Dmitriy Ryaboy 11/29/13
How do I write protobuf through hive? Ankit Malhotra 11/21/13
ERROR: com.twitter.elephantbird.mapreduce.input.RawSequenceFileInputFormat samee...@gmail.com 11/13/13
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