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cypress microcontroller aneeshn.etrx 4/8/15
Signing Off and Introducing new Managers Riddhish Bhalodia 4/7/15
Temperature and Humidity Controlled Fan avineil96 3/31/15
Nominations Invited: Institute Technical Posts Atish Aloor 3/28/15
Institute Technical Awards 2014-15 || Nominations invited Rahul Prajapat 3/28/15
Peak Detector circuit Ankita Pasad 3/28/15
RF amplifier circuit aneeshn.etrx 3/28/15
ITSP 2015! Electronics Club IITB 3/26/15
Talk on Artificial Intelligence Chetan Agrawal 3/26/15
Fwd: Celebrate Arduino Day on March 28 Deepak Malani 3/26/15
Technovation recruitment: Tum-Tum Tracker project M.C Gokul 3/22/15
Affordable Data Acquisition System Anaykumar Joshi 3/17/15
[EC] Session on Processing and 'Techify Your Room' Ankita Pasad 3/17/15
CircuitLab Anaykumar Joshi 3/16/15
Tech Treasure Hunt Ankita Pasad 3/15/15
ITSP 2015 brainstorming Atish Aloor 3/13/15
[EC] BLAH 3: Cryptology Ankita Pasad 3/11/15
Arduino Bean Prashant 3/10/15
Inviting applications for team TechGSR 2015-16 Chetan Agrawal 3/9/15
[EC] BLAH 2: Talk on Advances in Telecommunication Ankita Pasad 2/17/15
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