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edPUG.tv Tuesday 18th June: Video - Introducing Google App Engine for PHP Ally Burns 6/17/13
edPUG Tuesday 21st May 2013: Talk - Proprietary MVC Ally Burns 5/20/13
Tech talk event at STV in Glasgow Michael Maclean 4/28/13
EdiPug members get a discount for the largest MongoDB Conference in Europe James Chesters 3/10/13
possible talk for Feb/March neill russell 2/4/13
edPUG 18 December 2012: edPUG Christmas Party! Ally Burns 12/14/12
edPUG Monthly meetup November 2012: Tuesday 20th November - get it in your calendar now :o) Ally Burns 11/14/12
edPUG Meeting: 16th October 2012 Ally Burns 10/11/12
edPUG Meeting: 18th September Ally Burns 9/13/12
edPUG Meeting: 18th September: Confirmed Ally Burns 9/11/12
A little presentation Francesco Tassi 9/5/12
Fwd: [hacklab-discuss] 6th Sept. Coffee & Code - Symfony2 edition James Baster 9/3/12
New meeting date Juozas Joe Kaziukėnas 8/30/12
Work for a PHP Senior Carles Mateo 8/8/12
Conference in Manchester Juozas Joe Kaziukėnas 7/30/12
Re: Digest for edi...@googlegroups.com - 1 Message in 1 Topic Paul Dragoonis 7/30/12
Welcome Carles Mateo 7/25/12
Meeting on September 28 with free drinks Juozas Joe Kaziukėnas 9/1/11
August meeting Juozas Joe Kaziukėnas 8/17/11
Welcome Juozas Joe Kaziukėnas 7/27/11
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