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The mission for Electronic Direct Democracy (E2D) International is:

to help establish, to support and promote, and to maintain communication and co-operation between politically-neutral electronic direct democracy parties around the world. 


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Millions of UK citizens want to decide in a referendum about the "brexit" terms but we have been deprived of our democratic right to launch a public issue ballot Iniref IandRgb 6:23 AM
Campaign alliance "People's Vote" demands ballot on brexit deal Iniref IandRgb 4/16/18
UK needs more referenda for a strong democracy: BUT quality is crucial Iniref IandRgb 4/4/18
New political party will campaign for referendum on the brexit final deal Iniref IandRgb 2/21/18
To get a referendum we must loudly demand it! Brexit terms. Iniref IandRgb 2/16/18
DIFFICULT for the sovereign electorate to get a referendum? Iniref IandRgb 2/1/18
Referendum on the Brexit "deal", proposal in Parliament Iniref IandRgb 1/10/18
MPs in House of Commons reject call for people's referendum about negotiated brexit terms Iniref IandRgb 1/5/18
UPDATE New Bill, Commons debate/ Voters demand referendum on final Brexit deal Iniref IandRgb 12/11/17
Voters demand referendum on final Brexit deal: Please RE-TWEET etc. Iniref IandRgb 12/10/17
Commons proposal for ratification referendum on final brexit deal Iniref IandRgb 12/5/17
MPs to debate Petition for Referendum about final Brexit deal Iniref IandRgb 11/27/17
Petition: Referendum about final Brexit deal UPDATE 16 11 2017 Iniref IandRgb 11/16/17
Britain can tackle tax avoidance, says Prem Sikka. For that we need stronger, citizen-led democracy Iniref IandRgb 11/11/17
Brexit: referendum on negotiated terms. Opinions and Official Petition UPDATE Iniref IandRgb 10/30/17
Monbiot comes out as real democrat Iniref IandRgb 10/18/17
Petition UK Parliament: Referendum on the final Brexit deal UPDATE 10/2017 Iniref IandRgb 10/11/17
Petition UK Parliament: Hold a referendum on the final Brexit deal Iniref IandRgb 9/15/17
Direct democracy in Germany no longer taboo: Election 9/2017 Iniref IandRgb 9/3/17
Reflecting on brexit and Grenfell Tower disaster: constructive ideas for better democracy. Linked index of comments Iniref IandRgb 7/14/17
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