E2D International

The mission for Electronic Direct Democracy (E2D) International is:

to help establish, to support and promote, and to maintain communication and co-operation between politically-neutral electronic direct democracy parties around the world. 


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Monbiot comes out as real democrat Iniref IandRgb 10/18/17
Petition UK Parliament: Referendum on the final Brexit deal UPDATE 10/2017 Iniref IandRgb 10/11/17
Petition UK Parliament: Hold a referendum on the final Brexit deal Iniref IandRgb 9/15/17
Direct democracy in Germany no longer taboo: Election 9/2017 Iniref IandRgb 9/3/17
Reflecting on brexit and Grenfell Tower disaster: constructive ideas for better democracy. Linked index of comments Iniref IandRgb 7/14/17
4 comments after the Grenfell Tower disaster, about treatment of British citizens by politicians and authorities. Our political rights: failures of democracy and government. Proposals for improvement. Iniref IandRgb 7/9/17
Referendum2 on terms negotiated for "brexit". Your opinion? Iniref IandRgb 6/24/17
Referendum2::Survey shows increasing support. Design of possible referendum Iniref IandRgb 6/18/17
Peoples' Referendum: Lobby election 2017 candidates Iniref IandRgb 5/28/17
We should "do" referendum better! Other countries are ahead of us. Iniref IandRgb 5/22/17
Voters' democracy guide for election June 2017 Iniref IandRgb 5/16/17
Brexit: How the PM, unions and bosses lost and a small group of rich men won? Iniref IandRgb 5/6/17
Take Back Control at Election 2017: Democracy pamphlet to spread Iniref IandRgb 5/2/17
Brexit proves we need better democracy, April 2017 Iniref IandRgb 4/21/17
Quality of Direct Democracy in the Brexit saga Iniref IandRgb 2/21/17
Corbyn in re-launch, advised to include more direct democracy Iniref IandRgb 1/14/17
European court should clarify Article 50 (re. brexit) CJEU REPLY Iniref IandRgb 11/17/16
European court should clarify Article 50 (re. brexit) Iniref IandRgb 11/14/16
Online democracy leads to governance by Trumps and trolls?? Iniref IandRgb 10/25/16
Brexit, Corbyn Labour and citizens' direct democracy: our collected comments Iniref IandRgb 9/28/16
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