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The mission for Electronic Direct Democracy (E2D) International is:

to help establish, to support and promote, and to maintain communication and co-operation between politically-neutral electronic direct democracy parties around the world. 


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Brexit proves we need better democracy, April 2017 Iniref IandRgb 4/21/17
Quality of Direct Democracy in the Brexit saga Iniref IandRgb 2/21/17
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domainname Sven The Barbarian 9/21/15
Direct democracy for the United Kingdom? Elites sceptical! Iniref IandRgb 7/30/15
Tories outfoxed: What next? Iniref IandRgb 7/22/15
Foreign Secretary Hammond on EU Referendum Iniref IandRgb 6/13/15
Twitter for democracy? Active discussion Iniref IandRgb 5/20/15
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Post-election statement 2015: Hope through direct democracy Iniref IandRgb 5/12/15
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Next Parliament must introduce direct democracy Iniref IandRgb 4/30/15
What right do the party bosses have to rule the country? Iniref IandRgb 4/24/15
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