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Plugin event listener for mouseup and mousedown Lars Bowlin 6/26/15
Performance difference between recreating the graph and updating the data Clemens Blank 6/21/15
synchronizer.js(Dygraphs) "Error 404: file not found"...need an alternate Abhishek Tiwari 6/17/15
1.1.1 release candidate danvk 6/1/15
Dygraphs Dynamics Points Limit James Reynolds 5/29/15
CSS zoom and mouse tracking Adam Pritchard 5/18/15
dygraph synchronizer should have option to select zoom axis (x or y) Vijay Tidake 5/13/15
Best way to draw the graph vertically GayashanNA 5/12/15
Laggy graph when using dashed line with highlight series option Mohit Aggarwal 5/9/15
Putting together dygraphs and Angular mark goldin 5/7/15
Array with data similar to CSV mark goldin 5/4/15
Update visibility of many series at once Danilo Reinert 4/29/15
Order of series appearance Danilo Reinert 4/27/15
Not clearing canvas properly Max Hadley 4/22/15
ISO 8601 parsing? Andreas Weller 4/21/15
Re: sho day danvk 4/21/15
Improving performance by parsing csv only once? Yue Lu 4/21/15
array (native format) passed from external php script Clement 4/16/15
data array for many series manut...@gmail.com 4/15/15
My experience with Dygraphs library angel camino 4/11/15
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