Splat Space

Welcome to the Google Group for Splat Space,  Durham's Makerspace!  

We are a multi-disciplinary workshop, hobby and makerspace located north of Downtown Durham, NC!

Remember:  Be Excellent To Each Other!

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Board games 7pm Sunday Shannon Talton 10:57 AM
New Makerbot-Vinyl computer Shannon Talton 8:06 AM
web site factoid Pete Soper 7:15 AM
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DIY boxes bill 12/14/17
Fwd: Tonight! Low Tech Audio Engineering at the TriLUG Holiday Social Jeremy Davis 12/14/17
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Restarted fox print Shannon Talton 12/13/17
Our new neighbors and other information. Shannon Talton 12/13/17
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Addition mini issue Shannon Talton 12/10/17
Mini extruder broken. Shannon Talton 12/9/17
Mini 3D Printer is Acting Up Meagen Voss 12/8/17
recent DIY biology events Tom Randall 12/4/17
Running behind for splatter day Shannon Talton 12/2/17
Pointers to starter Arduino kits and sensor kits Scott H. 12/1/17
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Stripe tonygue...@gmail.com 11/28/17
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