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Welcome to the Google Group for Splat Space,  Durham's Makerspace!  

We are a multi-disciplinary workshop, hobby and makerspace located north of Downtown Durham, NC!

Remember:  Be Excellent To Each Other!

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Scroll saw out of commission Shannon Talton 10/22/16
Re: [TriEmbed] what's up for August? Scott H. 10/21/16
Model Train Convention this weekend Scott H. 10/21/16
Axial power rack. Super fun and easy project t Matthew DeBlock 10/20/16
Engineer's Day Jeffrey Crews 10/20/16
Internet at Splat Space, a few questions? Carl Frega 10/19/16
Missing the meeting tonight Shaw Terwilliger 10/18/16
NCSU hiring for a library makerspace support position Adam 10/18/16
Hardware donation for the space Darren Boss 10/17/16
Food, cooking, and the Maker? Carl Frega 10/17/16
Qplay TV Adapter: Hack it? Carl Frega 10/15/16
Whose Bamboo? Shannon Talton 10/15/16
Hard drive failure advice Edward Richards 10/14/16
Tonight 13 Oct TriLUG - Professional Audio-Video Production on Linux Jeremy Davis 10/13/16
Making fun of the Windows event sounds, Apple ringtones, and more. Scott H. 10/11/16
Today is Ada Lovelace Day Jeffrey Crews 10/11/16
Food Hacking Laser Bacon Sarah S. 10/9/16
Disaster Preparedness Carl Frega 10/9/16
Grout Glitter Sarah S. 10/7/16
New TI Launchpad board ... Scott H. 10/7/16
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