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Welcome to the Google Group for Splat Space,  Durham's Makerspace!  

We are a multi-disciplinary workshop, hobby and makerspace located north of Downtown Durham, NC!

Remember:  Be Excellent To Each Other!

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need microwave Jeffrey Crews 6/28/17
Fwd: Jasmyn's Fatal Funhouse Shannon Talton 6/28/17
News and Updates Sarah S. 6/28/17
How about 4th-July fun with Oobleck? Scott H. 6/28/17
Interesting videos on fidget spinners Scott H. 6/28/17
Rocket Powered Fidget Spinner Scott H. 6/28/17
Big screen Monitor problems at the space Scott H. 6/28/17
Wanted - headphone speaker 1 1/2" Shannon Talton 6/28/17
Business meeting on July 4th? Dawn Trembath 6/27/17
Could not connect ot laser today Jeffrey Crews 6/26/17
Advanced prototyping center coming to Research Triangle Park Edward Richards 6/25/17
Summary of the Laser cut "Nickel Spinners" for PTA fund-raising Tom Transue 6/25/17
Mini Sarah S. 6/25/17
Makers Unplugged - Makerspace Podcast Looking for Guest Hosts Aaron 6/24/17
Shapeoko upgraded Jeffrey Crews 6/23/17
Hack Ur Space Sarah S. 6/22/17
Do not hack keyboard Shannon Talton 6/21/17
Missing Magnets from Laser Area Matt Plonski 6/20/17
Intel kills Galileo, Joule and Edison Phillip Rhodes 6/20/17
anybody know how to knit? Josh Levy 6/19/17
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