Splat Space

Welcome to the Google Group for Splat Space,  Durham's Makerspace!  

We are a multi-disciplinary workshop, hobby and makerspace located north of Downtown Durham, NC!

Remember:  Be Excellent To Each Other!

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Tools Missing? Shannon Talton 12/7/16
Quick 3D Print Job Matt Plonski 12/7/16
Winnitron network and launcher functional Darren Boss 12/7/16
Re: Creekside Elementary Science Outreach Opportunity Jeffrey Crews 12/7/16
Coin cell batteries Darren Boss 12/6/16
Button maker? Anyone? Jeffrey Crews 12/6/16
Update on the rep5 Darren Boss 12/6/16
LulzBot Mini - Heated Bed is Out! Carl Frega 12/5/16
Fwd: [citsci-discussion-l] FYI Archiving Environmental Data Hackathon hockeychick 12/5/16
Recommendations for 3D printer? MJB 12/4/16
Mini pring Darren Boss 12/4/16
need wire strippers Pete Soper 12/4/16
speaking of Makerbot (investigative report) Pete Soper 12/4/16
Other Maker Space in Durham- Blackspace Shannon Talton 12/4/16
MakerWare issues Darren Boss 12/4/16
New Netflix Series with Mythbuster Sidekicks. Shannon Talton 12/4/16
Overhaul and Major Upgrades to Gloria! Carl Frega 12/3/16
Metal shop door Jeffrey Crews 12/3/16
Little Library Jeffrey Crews 12/3/16
Troubleshooting the MakerBot Replicator...help! Heather Frederick 12/3/16
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