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This group is for developer discussions related to the Pixhawk and APM autopilots and code, including ArduPlane, ArduCopter and ArduRover. 

This is a public list for discussing the inner workings and proposed changes (i.e. any changes that are not ready for submission to master), arducopter controls, mission planner UI changes, documentation, crash reports from the forums or developers, etc.

Please don't post user help requests here. Instead, please use the ArduPilot.com forums

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New MAVLink message implementation to ArduPilot Karl 8:43 AM
AC velocity controller working again Randy Mackay 2/11/16
AntennaTracker: Added support for I2C BUS0 MPU6000 Hiroshi Takey 2/9/16
HMC5983 EOL Suggested replacements Philip Rowse 2/9/16
PX4MINIAIO Bootup Issues E Thomas 2/9/16
Airborne Projects RPM sensor Paulo Neves 2/9/16
Building problem PX4 using Ubuntu 64 Jose Luis 2/9/16
DEV call 07 Feb 2016 4pm PST = 09 Feb - 2015 0000 UTC Craig Elder 2/8/16
to combine commits, or not to combine commits. That is the question. Tom Pittenger 2/8/16
Armin Error caused by GPS. Possible to skip GPS? ahmet....@gmail.com 2/5/16
Pixhawk discontinued? Caleb Woodruff 2/4/16
Sail boats on ardupilot Luis Vale Gonçalves 2/4/16
How to modify the Iris+ firmware: Eclipse errors and more... Mario Salomone 2/3/16
Problems in setting up SITL in Ubuntu 15.10 (sim_vehicle.sh -w) Koustubh Dwivedy 2/2/16
DEV call 01 Feb 2016 4pm PST = 02 Feb - 2015 0000 UTC Craig Elder 2/2/16
Adding new library to APM 2.5 vs Pixhawk Steve Haviland 2/2/16
Problem Building Code Environnement Thomas Yang 2/2/16
Updating UAVCAN support in APM Holger Steinhaus 2/2/16
Pixhawk OTP certification john...@gmail.com 2/1/16
APM:Plane 3.5.0 beta1 released Andrew Tridgell 2/1/16
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