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This group is for developer discussions related to the Pixhawk and APM autopilots and code, including ArduPlane, ArduCopter and ArduRover. 

This is a public list for discussing the inner workings and proposed changes (i.e. any changes that are not ready for submission to master), arducopter controls, mission planner UI changes, documentation, crash reports from the forums or developers, etc.

Please don't post user help requests here. Instead, please use the ArduPilot.com forums

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Looking for feedback on a modified ardupilot architecture Daniel Ricketts 7:17 AM
Making SITL easy to run on Windows & OS-X kevinh 2/27/15
Student group using IR-LOCK Pixy to hover over IR target: Questions on Loiter mode Brandon Stone 2/27/15
Installing MavROS on BeagleBone Black Jake 2/27/15
AP_Mount frontend/backend split in advance of adding support for MAVLink/AlexMos gimbals Randy Mackay 2/26/15
Qt Creator + Ardupilot Linus Casassa 2/26/15
mavros + ArduCopter SITL Clay McClure 2/25/15
Newb, MAVROS UDP and Waypoint goto (pixhawk) Carson Vogt 2/25/15
Plane: mission not starting on its own Tom Pittenger 2/25/15
Fusion of optical flow measurements into the Navigation EKF - Progress Report Paul Riseborough 2/24/15
DEV call 23-Feb-2015 5pm PST = 24-Feb-2015 0100 UTC Craig J. Elder 2/24/15
AP_InertialSensor_LSM9DS0 may need an include. Where is SKETCHNAME set? Daniel Frenzel 2/24/15
Log Export for EnsoMosaic Integration Marco Fornalè 2/24/15
New "Hybrid" flight mode, Arducopter has now the DJI-GPS-like feature! Julien Dubois 2/24/15
tradheli support in SITL Andrew Tridgell 2/23/15
Automated Landing Sunil Shah 2/23/15
the impact of 5V peripheral voltage on the digital airspeed sensor Andrew Tridgell 2/23/15
Autopilot hardware and frame detection via MAVLINK Janis Dzerve 2/23/15
APM:Rover Beta Release 2.48 Grant Morphett 2/22/15
Unexplained tip-over on takeoff in auto using master Paul Riseborough 2/21/15
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