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This group is for developer discussions related to the Pixhawk and APM autopilots and code, including ArduPlane, ArduCopter and ArduRover. 

This is a public list for discussing the inner workings and proposed changes (i.e. any changes that are not ready for submission to master), arducopter controls, mission planner UI changes, documentation, crash reports from the forums or developers, etc.

Please don't post user help requests here. Instead, please use the ArduPilot.com forums

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New forae for all ArduPilot issues including development related issues at discuss.ardupilot.org Luis Vale Gonçalves 5/19/16
sim_vehicle.sh to sim_vehicle.py Randy Mackay 4:49 PM
DEV call 22 Aug 2016 4pm PST = 22 Aug 2016 2300 UTC craigelder 8/22/16
http://discuss.ardupilot.org/ Tim D 8/18/16
Mavlink Pascal Unit Hiroshi Takey 8/18/16
Object tracking with openCV on pix-hawk or apm+raspberry pi soms...@gmail.com 8/16/16
DEV call 15 Aug 2016 4pm PST = 15 Aug 2016 2300 UTC craigelder 8/16/16
HMC5983 EOL Suggested replacements Philip Rowse 8/12/16
Isentek IST8310 E-Compass Chips, Pin2Pin Alternative to Honeywell HMC5883L [EOL] Jacky Xu 8/11/16
UWB localization for ArduPilot Jonathan Challinger 8/11/16
Copter was not controllable in Stabilize and AltHold (Emlid/Navio+/Current Binary from the Repo) Daniel Frenzel 8/11/16
RGBD TOF Camera/Lidar: Depth Perception, Guidance & anti-collision, SLAM, Motion Capture, AR/VR/MR Jacky Xu 8/11/16
px4 pixhawk 2.4.5 hardware related sensors Alex Angel 8/10/16
RE: [drones-discuss] about "leash leanth" in arducopter source code Randy Mackay 8/10/16
Add Stick_Mixing to Rover? chris 8/9/16
RGB LED goes solid LED after small modification to px4io code Jeroen Taverne 8/9/16
DEV call 08 Aug 2016 4pm PST = 08 Aug 2016 2300 UTC craigelder 8/8/16
Copter-3.4-rc2 available for beta testing Randy Mackay 8/8/16
Copter-3.4: throttle feedback changes Randy Mackay 8/4/16
Update firmware using TELEM1 / SERIAL1 port on Pixhawk Jeroen Taverne 8/4/16
compile / make file error HELP !!! ? Alex Angel 8/2/16
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