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This group is for developer discussions related to the Pixhawk and APM autopilots and code, including ArduPlane, ArduCopter and ArduRover. 

This is a public list for discussing the inner workings and proposed changes (i.e. any changes that are not ready for submission to master), arducopter controls, mission planner UI changes, documentation, crash reports from the forums or developers, etc.

Please don't post user help requests here. Instead, please use the ArduPilot.com forums

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unable to make SITL on windows Bimo 1:03 AM
major update to ArduPilot master Andrew Tridgell 12:25 AM
Mapping Navio AUX pin to Ch7/Ch8 Al B 11/26/15
Do we need USB on STM32 autopilots moving forward? Philip Rowse 11/26/15
TECS pitch demand implementation details Tiago Marques 11/26/15
Ardupilot Flight Controller with onboard OSD Andy Little 11/26/15
guided mode take off Gábor Vásárhelyi 11/26/15
Copter-3.3-2-rc2 available through the MP's beta firmwares link Randy Mackay 11/25/15
camera foorprints in MissionPlanner in real time Matas Razgūnas 11/25/15
PX4Scheduler compiler warnings Tom Pittenger 11/25/15
guided mode velocity control Gábor Vásárhelyi 11/25/15
best option to control ArduCopter attitude from mavros Francois Chataigner 11/25/15
compiler crashing on Travis again Tom Pittenger 11/25/15
Wind speed is always zero on my IRIS logs Prasad Nair 11/25/15
Looking for a Mechanical engineer to join the Ardupilot/PX4 Hardware team Philip Rowse 11/24/15
DEV call 23 Nov 2015 4pm PST = 24 Nov - 2015 0000 UTC Craig Elder 11/24/15
Onboard Optical flow and altitude issues with EKF_GPS_TYPE = 3 Julien BERAUD 11/24/15
Replay -r400 not working andreas....@googlemail.com 11/24/15
Pixhawk and 3DR Power Module: keep your eyes open Marco Robustini 11/24/15
Proposal of a new build system using waf Gustavo Sousa 11/23/15
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