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This group is for developer discussions related to the Pixhawk and APM autopilots and code, including ArduPlane, ArduCopter and ArduRover. 

This is a public list for discussing the inner workings and proposed changes (i.e. any changes that are not ready for submission to master), arducopter controls, mission planner UI changes, documentation, crash reports from the forums or developers, etc.

Please don't post user help requests here. Instead, please use the ArduPilot.com forums

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New forae for all ArduPilot issues including development related issues at discuss.ardupilot.org Luis Vale Gonçalves 5/19/16
Problem with viewing custom Mavlink message in Mission Planner Nikita P 9/27/16
Problem with Arducopter HITL Setup with FlightGear Saloni Jain 9/26/16
DEV call 26 Sep 2016 4pm PST = 26 Sep 2016 2300 UTC craigelder 9/26/16
[patch] minor compiler warning for call to update_sensor_status_flags() Ralph Campbell 9/26/16
Contractor Opportunity - sUAS Embedded Systems Engineer Kyle Montgomery 9/26/16
First flight test with a ublox M8 GPS Peter Plischka 9/22/16
Compile problem with ardupilot RalleGAB 9/21/16
Airspeed Sensor Hardware Jason Franciosa 9/20/16
DEV call 19 Sep 2016 4pm PST = 19 Sep 2016 2300 UTC craigelder 9/19/16
sim_vehicle.sh to sim_vehicle.py Randy Mackay 9/18/16
O/T: Developer Needed for Six DOF Application Brian DeBusk 9/18/16
in case you see git submodule issue for pymavlink - delete ../modules/mavlink Randy Mackay 9/17/16
Timing issues on ~master Jonathan Challinger 9/16/16
UWB localization for ArduPilot Jonathan Challinger 9/15/16
Drone laws in latin america? foobarbecue 9/15/16
DEV call 12 Sep 2016 4pm PST = 12 Sep 2016 2300 UTC craigelder 9/15/16
guided mode velocity control Gábor Vásárhelyi 9/15/16
Copter-3.4-rc5 available for beta testing Randy Mackay 9/14/16
mumble server moved to ardupilot.org Randy Mackay 9/10/16
NEW ARDUPILOT APM 2.x features: URUS System Hiroshi Takey 9/9/16
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