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Moving to Discourse Craig Elder 11/3/16
New forae for all ArduPilot issues including development related issues at discuss.ardupilot.org Luis Vale Gonçalves 5/19/16
Need help with analysis of logs for bad Pixhawk crash running APM 3.3.3 Geoffrey Heller 12/28/16
Bebop Bricked no rcS file Alex G 12/21/16
Drone for research purposes jhons...@gmail.com 12/20/16
EKF variance stops the compass Alejandro Hernández 12/18/16
AP_HAL::CAN interface Jonathan Challinger 12/7/16
Pixhawk HC-SR04 sensor Connection Saloni Jain 11/16/16
Onboard Optical flow and altitude issues with EKF_GPS_TYPE = 3 Julien BERAUD 11/16/16
Re: [drones-discuss] Secure Communication between Drones and smart Objects-MAVLink Protocol Tom Pittenger 11/9/16
Custom MAVProxy Interface for 13 Drone Swarm Paul 11/8/16
I believe I can fly > Drone Tech Talk Rohit Chhetri 11/7/16
SteamVR's "Lighthouse" for precison landing of drones Francis Dominic 11/2/16
DEV call 31 Oct 2016 4pm PST = 31 Oct 2016 2300 UTC craigelder 11/1/16
Copter-3.4-rc7 available for beta testing Randy Mackay 10/26/16
Problem from Learning ArduPilot — The Example Sketches ngocth...@gmail.com 10/26/16
how to read mavlink package .. is it ok to do it on my way ? tydro...@gmail.com 10/25/16
I2C Communication between Arducopter 3.1.5 and Arduino Uno Fahrettin Ay 10/25/16
DEV call 24 Oct 2016 4pm PST = 24 Oct 2016 2300 UTC craigelder 10/24/16
ArduCopter Failed motor detect and warning Caleb Woodruff 10/24/16
GPS alt and barometers alt supers...@vip.qq.com 10/24/16
EKF development - Status Report Paul Riseborough 10/23/16
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