Google group for the users and developers of the DROID (Digital Record Object Identification) tool developed by The National Archives, UK. The list is open for discussion about functionality, issues, bugs, or general discussion about the tool.

Responses from The National Archives

The digital preservation team at The National Archives will attempt to answer all queries and requests for support where it looks like a direct response from the team is required within 10 working days. The forum is open for all community members to reply and participate actively in all discussions relating to DROID. The list supports the DROID tool, which can be downloaded from The National Archives website. The DROID source code is hosted at GitHub and previous DROID project downloads and source code are hosted on SourceForge. Issues are better placed on the GitHub issue tracking system rather than on these pages. We have a separate Google Group discussion page for PRONOM

Moderation Policy:

We would prefer to receive Freedom of Information requests and data protection requests via our online form, by email or by letter, in order to assist us in giving them a full response. However, we note the Information Commissioner’s Office guidance on the validity of social media as a channel for receiving such requests and will handle them in accordance with that guidance.

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