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DozerConverter API - Converter abstraction Laurent Sgualdino 5/5/17
Context based mapping - Can't exclude parent field using a working map-id Luc Chevaux 3/15/17
Mapping java.time.LocalDateTime to java.util.Date Nikolaos Galerakis 3/15/17
dozer new release András Gaál 2/13/17
Can I... Update one object with a new version, reporting changes Rob Shepherd 1/29/17
Mapping being overridden if the destination has same class referring by different objects kiran arshakota 9/22/16
Source objects with same reference result in destinations objects with same reference chino 9/22/16
Mapping different property names (bidi) 9/15/16
Mapping UUID's Chris Roffler 9/14/16
Mapping a source to multiple targets based on a conditional field value Rabie 6/15/16
How to map bean to java.util.Map with BeanMappingBuilder? Alfonso Mateos Alarcón 11/10/15
How to use FluentPropertyBeanIntrospector Ryan McKay 11/5/15
Mapping from Map within a Map Alan Balinju Cassar 9/9/15
global custom converters with one-way mapping Veit Guna 8/29/15
Use default mapping in custom converter Veit Guna 8/29/15
Using converter ids with classes Veit Guna 8/28/15
Performance issues in Dozer due to ReflectionUtils Gajendra Singh Rao 8/11/15
How to map "this" reference to all elements in collection Nullpointer Forever 8/8/15
Mapping Problems Andrew Jardine 7/29/15
Dynamic Mapping using Dozer Praveen Mittal 6/4/15
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