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Performance issues in Dozer due to ReflectionUtils Gajendra Singh Rao 8/11/15
How to map "this" reference to all elements in collection Nullpointer Forever 8/8/15
Mapping Problems Andrew Jardine 7/29/15
Dynamic Mapping using Dozer Praveen Mittal 6/4/15
Mapping collections using Dozer Java API (Not XML) Praveen Mittal 6/4/15
Mapping from Map within a Map Alan Balinju Cassar 5/27/15
ClassNotFoundException since upgrade hibernate-validator libray version Christophe Larcher 5/27/15
Field "XXX" not found in org.dozer.Mapping Gabriel Matossian 5/12/15
Mapping with DOZER without method set Raphael Milani 3/24/15
Number to Number mapping is not working in dozer 5.3.2 version. devmohd 3/12/15
Converting all the null fields to emtpty string of an instance (Self transformation.Mapping) Matt Madhavan 3/10/15
Global field mappings Zachariah Kendall 3/10/15
ability to avoid mapping empty collections Ashish Thukral 3/10/15
Mapping a JAXB created Bean to Normal Java bean - Performance issue Maruthi Shanmugam 3/5/15
Dozer Function Improvment Suggestion 朱国伟 3/1/15
Failed to map enumeration and NoSuchMethodException thrown Colin He 1/29/15
How to map bean to java.util.Map with BeanMappingBuilder? Alfonso Mateos Alarcón 1/9/15
Mapping of two classes of different projects patrick 1/9/15
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