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Fwd: 3D Print House, Southbourne Danfox Davies 7/13/15
The next few weeks and a new timetable/calendar of events Danfox Davies 7/10/15
Our website: tweaks. Danfox Davies 7/9/15
DIYbio Mark Benson 7/9/15
A new space? Danfox Davies 7/9/15
[Help] Little help needed! Kyungeun Sung 6/22/15
Library not on today! Ian Renton 6/21/15
Domain Renewal Ian Renton 6/16/15
Fwd: hackbmth Civic Hack: Tourism - July 2nd Mark Benson 6/15/15
Pub Thursday? Ian Renton 6/11/15
Lego 3D printer 3D printing Lego Danfox Davies 6/9/15
Cardboard modelling workshop Mark Benson 5/29/15
THE Port - Hackathon at CERN Ian Renton 5/26/15
Poole Library Tomorrow Ian Renton 5/15/15
Poole Library, 16th May Ian Renton 5/6/15
$7 Arduino-ish board with Wifi Ian Renton 5/5/15
Blacksmithing workshop Rob Hamblett 5/5/15
Fwd: FW: New TV series celebrating amateur makers - do you want to be on TV? Danfox Davies 4/25/15
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