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DjangoWeekly Issue 3 is out Ankur Gupta 7/29/16
django 1.9, migrations SUCK Jorge Cadena 7/29/16
Any way to force Django to commit a write so another process can read the correct data from DB? Stodge 7/28/16
Installation Its Eternity 7/28/16
How to add logo to django header Gauri Shirsath 7/28/16
How do I do a multiple select in the Admin filters ? Hurlu 7/27/16
Best way to keep the current selection Lee Hinde 7/27/16
Help wanted in django-chartit! Aadesh Rao 7/26/16
Django MySql weirdness Steve Bischoff 7/26/16
It is possible to somehow fill the database data as soon as all applications will be loaded? Seti Volkylany 7/26/16
Installation de Django dans un environnement virtuel. Philippe Idlas 7/25/16
Django selected value Volodymyr Kirichinets 7/25/16
Reverse URL django-admin dtdave 7/25/16
TypeError: $.get is not a function ajay 7/25/16
Registration for Django: Under the Hood 2016 is now open! Ola Sitarska 7/25/16
Django Admin on Microsoft Visual Studio Problem Jose 7/25/16
Daphne, twisted pip error when installing django channels Petar Pilipovic 7/24/16
Cannot login with user credentials Robin Lery 7/24/16
When it make sense to use a different name for a custom manager of the Django`s model? Seti Volkylany 7/24/16
GeoDjango does not change field type in PostGis to geography if geographic=True - possible bug Piotr Kowenzowski 7/23/16
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