Django REST framework

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Problem with create API using DRF and it separate methods Angel Rojas 5:35 AM
Django Version 2.0 DRF Support Timeline Joe C 12/9/17
Schema generation for custom route in ModelViewSet Mike Helmick 12/6/17
method GET not allowed Angel Rojas 12/5/17
How to specify parameters (e.g. name, description, type, etc) for API endpoint in auto generated documentation Hongze Zhao 11/30/17
Rendering non_field_errors with render_form template tag Nathan Smith 11/29/17
Why does not the field description appear in the built-in documentation? Pavel Rad'kov 11/28/17
how to do crud useradmin in django rest framework Angel Rojas 11/21/17
Using REST API for filtered formular fields 11/20/17
Error in pip pycrypto installtion BHushan Rathod 11/19/17
ordering_filters not recognized when i extend OrderingFilter class Simha Rupa Das 11/18/17
REST framework Official Tutorial 6 bug YUN TANG 11/17/17
Introducing django-ai: Artificial Intelligence for Django Matemática A3K 11/13/17
Which version to use for Django 1.8 (running Ecommerce site) Web Architect 11/10/17
JSONField serializes as json for POST, but string for GET John Rake 11/9/17
Django rest framework return “Invalid data. Expected a dictionary, but got group” Gary Ng 11/7/17
Automatically generate POST parameter form Benjamin Van Renterghem 11/6/17
Django REST Framework v3.7.3 Released. Carlton Gibson 11/6/17
Django REST Framework v3.7.2 Released Carlton Gibson 11/6/17
How do I create a API using Django Rest Framework? sakkhar saha 11/4/17
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