Django REST framework

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Which Social Authentication package to choose with DRF ? Deshraj Yadav 8:36 PM
Is possible to access the >> request << in .to_internal_value(self, data) ? Code Tarsier 8:32 PM
Tutorial Serialization - no module named snippets - django 1.9 Oliver Cera 2/7/16
Django Rest serializer raises lazy translation error 2/6/16
status_code in Renderer class Stefano Tranquillini 2/1/16
Django REST framework getting error 'module' object has no attribute 'UUIDField' Prasann Bayas 1/30/16
How to create a relationship to a serializer that has not yet been defined Bob Haugen 1/30/16
rest_framework.authtoken admin representation Nacharov Mikhail 1/28/16
Returning bad request (400) errors from list endpoints Rowan Seymour 1/28/16
UniqueValidator issues Extra Queries Alex G Rothberg 1/27/16
Why my api doesn't show real-time records? Fellipe Henrique 1/25/16
angularjs http post file to DRF got error message: 'OrderedDict' object has no attribute 'pk' Gang Fu 1/24/16
Better way of Versioning Nacharov Mikhail 1/22/16
Convert value from datetime to unixtime and unixtime to datetime while serialization and desiarization Alexey Polyusov 1/22/16
Possibility to reset values in the database 1/20/16
List-only filter in ModelViewset Raúl Pedro Santos 1/20/16
Serialize Django ORM models format in DRF 1/18/16
Writable Nested Serializer with AngularJS Ashish Gupta 1/15/16
BooleanField- need to parse as false (not default value) when checkbox cleared in browsable API 1/14/16
Serializing AL Node Vincent Lee 1/14/16
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