Django REST framework

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Filtering a Primary Key In A Serilaizer Class Nate Nesler 12:55 PM
Mandatory DictField - bug or feature? Andrzej Winnicki 11:34 AM
How to set the DjangoModelPermissions on a function based view? Ben Hoff 6:59 AM
json response with the sessionId in login/logout response Iskren Stanislavov 5:39 AM
Serializing Subclasses David Martin 2/27/15
Why does PATCH on Django Rest Framework wipe an unchanged ManyToMany field? Andrew Widgery 2/26/15
Serializer update/create commit André Ericson 2/25/15
A security discussion around csrf Toran Billups 2/25/15
gcontext package Виталик Абеткин 2/25/15
DR3 Nested Serializers for "through" model litewaitt 2/24/15
ModelSerializerFactory? litewaitt 2/24/15
Alternatives filter_backends to DjangoObjectPermissionsFilter Alex G Rothberg 2/24/15
Get a user input from browser Navaneeth Krishnan 2/23/15
How do I create a django rest API for a python script such as this Navaneeth Krishnan 2/23/15
Unicode renders wrong in output Norbert P 2/20/15
Can't seem to register a route Phil M 2/20/15
object has no attribute 'has_next' in pagination.PaginationSerializer Thomas Alisi 2/17/15
Can I use ContextMixin with an APIView Leo Breebaart 2/16/15
Problem with genericRelation 2/16/15
DRF 3.0: widget_html manipulations equivalent? Federico Capoano 2/16/15
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