Django REST framework

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Nested serializers: filtering with parent data João Ricardo Lhullier Lugão 11:20 AM
Multi table association Sanjay S Nair 7/20/17
Is it possible to set permission_classes for OR relation William Huang 7/20/17
djangorestframework support Lingxiao Duan 7/18/17
Not able to detect updated Fields in post_save signal Deepak Arora 7/16/17
Views/Serializer for Non Model-Based Serializers Simon Han 7/14/17
Ignore authentication on a single list_route within ViewSet? Dan 7/13/17
Django project share: Jumpserver a open source ssh gateway 广宏伟 7/12/17
Non-Nested related fields Anonymous 7/10/17
How should I server main page Ali Vakilzade 7/9/17
Is there a django-rest-swagger 2.1 example with query parameters on ViewSet routes? Kevin Gill 7/8/17
Issue integrating DRF (3.5.4) with swagger (2.1) Martin Witkowski 7/7/17
`has_permission()` and `has_object_permission()` problem Denis Orehovsky 7/6/17
How can I save values into 2 tables using ModelSerializer or ListCreateAPIView Tejas Gaykar 7/6/17
losing fields during validation - nested serializer create() Andrew Olson 7/3/17
June 2017 Monthly Report Tom Christie 7/3/17
Django rest framework update RelatedField 7/3/17
Filtering on a recursive foreignkey fields using django_filters 1.0.1 Priyanka Thakur 7/3/17
validated_data is null serializer Huy Hớn 6/30/17
Best Python Visualization libraries that work with Django Rest Framework Heather Johnson 6/29/17
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