Django REST framework

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Writeable Nested Serializers with PrimaryKeyRelatedField Markus Hubig 9/22/17
OneToOneField testing for uniqueness David 9/19/17
Partial Update Failed via Viewset Django Rest Framework Ayo Ayo 9/18/17
How to write serializer that receives list of ID's, validates that there are no more than 20 of them, and returns list of model instances in its data? Rafał Pitoń 9/17/17
Why does ModelSerializer have no way to delete the instance? Vignesh 9/15/17
Allow explicit adding `renderer` to `Response` Mike Durnosvystov 9/14/17
Call dependents serializers Marlysson Silva 9/14/17
Windows File Upload Client Thomas Güttler 9/13/17
Serializer Field Meta validators 9/11/17
Many to Many with Through Fields not working Dustin Neighly 9/8/17
RFE: incorrectly defined view permission_classes throw obscure TypeError - add better error-message Chris BigBad 9/6/17
DRF views not cacheing in basic memcached configuration Michael Ryan 8/31/17
From old-school Post/Redirect/Get to modern web Thomas Güttler 8/31/17
Interaction in documentation doesn't work because of wrong hostname name when running in docker Daniel Hnyk 8/30/17
OpenAPI Schema generation missing titlte Dan Davis 8/29/17
How can I change error messages format in DRF? Serge Efremov 8/28/17
Regular serializer in browsable api Ivlev Denis 8/28/17
Caching in JSON Response of DRF and also add/edit the objects in cache if new object is created/edited Jai 8/25/17
How to create Browsable API from django 1.10 [ function based views ] 8/23/17
Version 3.6.4 now on PyPI Carlton Gibson 8/22/17
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