Django REST framework

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DRF 3.5 How to use get_filter_fields? Ariel Wolfmann 9:53 AM
getting interface error after changing the DB connection details Raghunath Raghava 5:47 AM
Wrapping a SOAP API in REST Tharshan 3:31 AM
Funding: Corporate Support Plans Chad Paulson 10/24/16
Model serializer factory Горобец Дмитрий 10/24/16
How to get the current object inside of a Serializer Sylvain Dégué 10/22/16
Email lookup field 403 error __eiNjel __ 10/22/16
Documentation of "extra link and actions" via rest-swagger and CoreApi Alfredo Branco 10/21/16
Tutorial error posting with username/password: "Owner field is required" But owner id is saved instead of username. Lewis 10/21/16
Django REST framework 3.4.7 not support RequestsClient korea k 10/21/16
Possible sync issue between docs and releases? Kieran Evans 10/20/16
Missing Authorization header Glenn Pierce 10/20/16
REST framework 3.5 Tom Christie 10/20/16
Problem with coreapi and Router mounted below /api Manuel Holtgrewe 10/20/16
Hyperlinking to a filtered list Brian Stempin 10/17/16
Tutorial 3: Class-based Views 10/16/16
Very low throughput of django+uwsgi compared to anything that has working threads (like Java) Ryan 10/16/16
Backslash in query using MySQL backend throws exception Adam Nelson 10/13/16
Recursive serializer 10/12/16
How to send PDF and show in the html Erika Bazurto 10/7/16
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