Django REST framework

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working ImageField upload example 4:01 PM
Use SchemaGenerator with custom views Claudio Catterina 8/24/16
Curl PUT Request With JWT Authorization Header Peter Boyles 8/23/16
3.4.6 Release Tom Christie 8/23/16
3.4.5 Release Tom Christie 8/22/16
Setting multiple cookies on a DRF response Stephan Doliov 8/22/16
Getting a "Write an explicit `.update()` method for serializer" error but I've provided update methods through mixins Rolf van Dam 8/22/16
How to make a group-by/count with django rest framework? Robert K 8/21/16
Print docs Japie Krekel 8/20/16
Search by field which added to serializer Александр Иванчик 8/19/16
Define renderer_context Misael Ramírez Muñiz 8/17/16
CurrentUserDefault on Serializer Jenna Pullen 8/17/16
Can't get generic foreign keys to work : 'GenericForeignKey' object has no attribute 'get_lookup' Mathieu Poussin 8/15/16
How can I disable the format suffix OR allow primary key's containing a dot ( . ) without them being interpreted as a format suffix? Eric Honkanen 8/15/16
PUT request and updating ManyToMany Jenna Pullen 8/13/16
ManyToMany validation issue. Jenna Pullen 8/13/16
3.4.4 Release Tom Christie 8/12/16
Ordering based on SerializerField Antony Seedhouse 8/12/16
Serialising in wrong order SG 8/10/16
Re: Custom serializers Xavier Ordoquy 8/9/16
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