Django REST framework

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Invalid hyperlink - Object does not exist David Miranda 11/24/15
Serializer with foreign keys unable to do depth when POSTing? Joshua Turmel 11/24/15
Howto have some fields read_only only for updates Aron Podrigal 11/24/15
Start Django automatically after restarting development system/server in Linux vidhi khatri 11/20/15
DRF 3.0 Returning serialized data with None values. Júlio Silveira Melo 11/18/15
Django oauth2 and android authentication Shekar Tippur 11/18/15
OPTIONS and ForeignKey model field Vermus Rus 11/18/15
Missing primary keys on validated data in ListSerializer subclass .update method Martin Cavoj 11/17/15
How customize serializers to not include field names? Rex Posadas 11/16/15
Silent failing of the fields definition Berthier Lemieux 11/16/15
Problem with FileParser Максим Харандзюк 11/15/15
Building a HIPPA Compliant REST API David Merwin 11/13/15
Browsable API doesn't show lookup fields Andrey Shipilov 11/10/15
POST in DRF works when not logged in. Doesn't otherwise Nkansah Rexford 11/9/15
Views/Serializer for Non Model-Based Serializers Simon Han 11/9/15
ChoiceField that shows display value Rory Geoghegan 11/8/15
Method to override to render data as json and the same to template with viewsets.ModelViewSet gladson manuel 11/6/15
How to debug POST requests in DRF? Федоткин Дмитрий 11/6/15
New permissions package: DRY Rest Permissions: allows definition of permissions for individual API actions and returning of results through serializers David Kaplan 11/5/15
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