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Some hints to handle categories Bastien Roques 1/23/17
Managing stock number between child/parent products Julien Phalip 1/22/17
AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'strategy' - basket Alex House 1/22/17
installing POS to new client HuM 1/18/17
Can the customer set the price? Mohammed Shamma 1/18/17
product tags or keywords Bashar 1/17/17
New themes of django-oscar project Hoa Trân 1/17/17
OSCAR_FROM_EMAIL set but default email address still being used Aaron Kim 1/17/17
search in multiple languages? i18n Bashar 1/17/17
Recommendation: Django Post Office Maik Hoepfel 1/16/17
Which view handles a url defined from content block? Aaron Kim 1/15/17
ImproperlyConfigured: AUTH_USER_MODEL refers to model 'user.ExtendedUserModel' that has not been installed 1/15/17
Django oscarapi for mobile app Anup 1/14/17
Promotions carousel on homepage Bastien Roques 1/11/17
Menu tag Eve Pokua 1/10/17
Multi vendor Atul Jain 1/7/17
UPS and USPS shipping rates Steve Traugott 1/6/17
Different prices per option/attribute Julien Phalip 1/6/17
Add a new payment gateway to Oscar Loi Nguyen 1/4/17
Adding an auction to oscar Elwin 12/27/16
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