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Updating link to the recipes in the welcome message of this group Aliaksei Urbanski 5/25/18
LICENSE question 5/25/18
Customer-selectable product properties Кирилл Шаталаев 5/23/18
Limit access to dashboard for partners to show only their stats (PR #2711) Aliaksei Urbanski 5/23/18
Error - Solr Rebuild search index with django-oscar Asanka Jayasundara 5/22/18
Re: [django-oscar] Sending confirmation email and registration email Tea Xchange 5/21/18
Order product list based on attribute code and value? Anton Johansson 5/16/18
OSCAR_FROM_EMAIL set but default email address still being used Aaron Kim 5/16/18
Customize Oscar to support digital products and one-click purchase Yi F 5/16/18
Re: I/O errornno 5 King Olami 5/15/18
side-category King Olami 5/15/18
Change the name of the customer APS Rajput 5/15/18
Manage multiple dealers in django oscar Yogesh Dwivedi 5/14/18
Product thumbnail cache URL goes 'bad' after one pageview IL 5/13/18
Unable to override Juan Manuel Romero 5/11/18
How to add product options for customers? Tim Kung 5/11/18
Shipping Charges not being added to paypal redirect 5/11/18
Create or relate the Product - Partner User relations Ajibola L' Don jibson 5/4/18
I can't start Django Oscar after installing 4/27/18
Image thumbnail goes bad after one page view King Olami 4/27/18
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