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disagreeing with the docs, MultiBuyBenefit does not use the condition range Markus Bertheau 8:53 AM
Error performing "migrate" after "pip install --upgrade git+git://" 6:16 AM
quantity input fields - howto implement max=max_allowed_purchase Michael Lind Hjulskov 5:03 AM
Basket Warning about price change hangs around too long Michael Lind Hjulskov 4:13 AM
Displaying offer-discounted prices on the product detail page Markus Bertheau 3:15 AM
Django CMS 7/9/14
Applying multiple offers per basket line Markus Bertheau 7/9/14
Facing problems with initial configuration of models. Abhinav Gupta 7/9/14
zip codes not working in shoping cart for US site lucas noah 7/9/14
ProductAttributeValue translation BugSpencer 7/8/14
Buy 2 products from range A, get 50% off a product from range B Markus Bertheau 7/8/14
Benefit.max_affected_items has not the expected effect Markus Bertheau 7/8/14
sandbox broken? Stéphane Kanschine 7/8/14
US valid phone number format 7/7/14
Error performing initial data migration with MySQL 7/7/14
Email Varification during User Registration itsvks 7/7/14
Knet payment integration 7/7/14
oscar 0.6.3: Can't use voucher together with offer 7/7/14
Announcing djangocms-oscar Maik Hoepfel 7/7/14
A forum for sharing django-oscar recipes? 7/6/14
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