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When track_stock = False, why is price_excl_tax not required? Reginald Eli Deinla 6/30/15
local payment Integration RAJ KANTLIWALA 6/27/15
Purchase items on another user's behalf wielliam tell 6/25/15
Django-oscar facet search using solr Raji C 6/22/15
Search Products by Category on Front End Gaurav Wadhwani 6/22/15
Oscar 1.1 released David Winterbottom 6/20/15
Django-oscar as app server for android app. Narendra L 6/20/15
Improperly Configured URLConfs/URL Patterns Gaurav Wadhwani 6/18/15
Flash sales in django-oscar Artem Zyryanov 6/18/15
Sandbox prices disappear after a few minutes Ashkan Kazemi 6/17/15
stock allocation not updated when item removed from cart Anentropic 6/15/15
Oscar 1.0.2 on PIP missing Reviews ? 6/15/15
Dynamic Price Range in Search Facets Gaurav Wadhwani 6/14/15
PayPal Adaptive Payments Asi Li 6/12/15
Offer discount according to shipping destination Noel Martin Llevares 6/12/15
Cannot pick product for content block sandino 6/9/15
Extend ProductIndex in 6/6/15
The option of specifying Quantity in Add to Basket Form Gaurav Wadhwani 6/5/15
Able to save blank Partner Matthew Ritter 6/4/15
Announcing djangocms-oscar Maik Hoepfel 6/4/15
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