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Lightening Talks at DJUGL JonWebJobs 10/23/13
DJUGL 17/9/13 JonWebJobs 8/30/13
Next DJUGL meetup - Wed 26th June. Tom Christie 6/11/13
New event with group discussion format Ben Phillips 1/14/13
Tickets Available for DJUGL tomorrow JonWebJobs 10/22/12
Re: [DJUGL] October DJUGL patrickf 10/4/12
DJUGL October Tom Christie 10/1/12
DJUGL August? JonWebJobs 8/1/12
Yesterday's Djugl tomviner 5/23/12
DJUGL May 22nd JonWebJobs 5/22/12
DJUGL May JonWebJobs 5/4/12
Django workshop Nottingham 18 May Erskine Design 3/28/12
DJUGL Feb 2012 Tom Christie 2/22/12
DJUGL and this group Ben Phillips 11/30/11
Reminder: Django User Group London on Monday gareth rushgrove 7/21/10
Next Django User Group London garethr 6/18/10
DJUGL February garethr 2/11/10
DJUGL December garethr 11/5/09
DJUGL (April 7th 2009) Reminder! Robert Lofthouse 4/1/09
DJUGL (April 7th 2009) Robert Lofthouse 3/26/09
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