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Ask a Biosafety Expert: A new service from to get some free advice from biosafety experts Jason Bobe 8/22/14
Color-Changing Flower -- Early Bird rewards available Raymond McCauley 9:28 AM
Electronic requirements for redesign of Arduino PCR thermal cycler Andy Morgan 3/2/15
At home fabrication of micron scale microfluidics Peter Shankles 3/2/15
Peptone Substitute SMJW 3/2/15
Request: Suggestions for a science exhibit (3D printers in science) DIYbio Groningen 3/1/15
SYBRGreen Datasheet Gabriele Borelli 3/1/15
North Carolina Biotech 3/1/15
help out a noob, marmite for malt medium? Micky Dembek 3/1/15
Illegal Drugs Laws: Clearing a 50-Year-Old Obstacle to Research Jonathan Cline 3/1/15
evaporation losses... was: [DIYbio] Electronic requirements for redesign of Arduino PCR thermal cycler Nathan McCorkle 2/28/15
Need a PDF paper from Nature ­­Alex P 2/26/15
Chicago DIYBio? GO 2/26/15
Bti cry proteins Heinrich Meurer 2/26/15
need to find a gel box capable of 96 samples phillyj 2/25/15
Lab tool interfaces Nathan McCorkle 2/23/15
Dynamic Sculpture Fungi Biosynthetique 2/23/15 launch Heather 2/23/15
Any DIYBio in Triangle NC Mike Lisanke 2/22/15
Community Lab in Melbourne, Australia Christopher Pendlebury 2/21/15
genetic destances Iliana Papantonaki 2/20/15
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