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Ask a Biosafety Expert: A new service from to get some free advice from biosafety experts Jason Bobe 1/5/17
DIYbio events for the week of July 30 balduino 7/27/17
New To DIYBio Matt Tucker 7/27/17
Chicago DIYBio? GO 7/27/17
DIY Lab Impact Survey Elliot 7/26/17
Plant Tissue Culture - White growths? MC 7/21/17
200$ Real-Time PCR Thermocycler Gabriele Borelli 7/20/17
Microfluidics of single bacteria? Ana Santos 7/18/17
Has anybody done a scoby project similar to The Thought Emporium Kabing 7/14/17
DIY Laminar flow hood Matt Brown 7/13/17
A simple and cheap >100V DIY electrophoresis power supply Josiah Zayner 7/11/17
Biohack The Planet - Biohacker Conference in Oakland, CA - August 25 and 26th Josiah Zayner 7/10/17
Private Cheap Genome Sequencing Mary Ward 7/10/17
Molecular cloning Kehinde Oyeniran 7/6/17
Freedom Evo Tecan Troubleshooting - HELP! Ana Santos 7/4/17
Using Crispr on plants Anonymous Anonymous 7/3/17
4-tube incubator and optical density meter arduino shield Mac Cowell 6/28/17
I'm a beginner and interested in learning Biohacking but don't know how to and where to Ayush Mahajan 6/26/17
Re: [DIYbio] Paralens fluorescence microscope objective for Hoechst and DAPI? Roninlaw 6/26/17
Paralens fluorescence microscope objective for DAPI and Hoechst? Mike 6/23/17
SLICE -- Seamless Ligation Cloning Extract... or, using lambda phage homologous recombination in-vitro Nathan McCorkle 6/21/17
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