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Ask a Biosafety Expert: A new service from to get some free advice from biosafety experts Jason Bobe 5/26/15
How cheaply could you DIY a high-vacuum pump... Mackenzie Cowell 6/23/16
Shipping Check Cell Samples for PTC Taste Tedt for Extended Family Bryan Daniels 6/23/16
Is pearl biotech still a thing? tom a. 6/22/16
Capillary electrophoresis that I made but can be improved Gordana Ostojic 6/22/16
Protease-free Bacillus subtilis for protein secretion Koeng 6/22/16
Are there any DIY bio events planned right before/after HOPE XI? Dave 6/21/16
What are some biotech projects I can do with an Arduino? Rome Robinson 6/20/16
EU Biohackers to visit? itai goldman 6/18/16
protein consensus sequence recognition site prediction software Hiro Protagonist 6/18/16
BioHTP conference Karen Ingram 6/17/16
acetobacter xylinum?? Nico B. 6/16/16
Can I do these tests at home? Parasites, chlamydia... Jordan Gallagher 6/15/16
DIYbio events for the week of June 12 balduino 6/15/16
Does anything remain of Cambrian Genomics? jarlemag 6/14/16
low cost bacterial non-salty electroporator proposal John Griessen 6/14/16
A hypothetical protocol for DIYBIO DNA synthesis CodeWarrior 6/13/16
DIYbio in Heidelberg, Germany ukitel 6/12/16
DIYbio DNA survey Koeng 6/11/16
Eating Glow in the dark yogurt Jonathan Cline 6/7/16
Mol-Bio/Big-Data humorous write-up about academia -- PhD track has worse chances than a startup. John Griessen 6/7/16
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