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Were the DIY CRISPR kits contaminated? ukitel 1/14/18
CRISPR to make just males Abizar Lakdawalla 1/12/18
connectors and cables on lab gear. John Griessen 1/11/18
Experience with tree genetics? Jo Donoghue 1/10/18
4-tube incubator and optical density meter arduino shield Mac Cowell 1/8/18
Where to get project ideas for beginners Henry Burnett 1/4/18
inquiring about depression topics. Dalous 1/4/18
Making Money Out of a Home Bio Lab? InstantLife 1/1/18
Copper beads as thermocycling "block" - Was: [DIYbio] What do open source PCRs need? Mackenzie Cowell 12/23/17
Freedom Evo Tecan Troubleshooting - HELP! Ana Santos 12/22/17
CRISPR modifications banned for atheletes Abizar Lakdawalla 12/18/17
Anyone active in the Cincinnati area? Osmosis 12/16/17
Is there an alternative open source software to COMSOL for modeling drug delivery/neuroregeneration? Samantha Kamath 12/14/17
Open Hackerspace for Biotechnologies in Berlin, Germany Mark Molybdän 12/11/17
Protein Categorization Cory J. Geesaman 12/9/17
Cheap Supplies Rene Riedelbauch 12/7/17
Does anyone have an epoxy resin surface? Alex Alekseyenko 11/30/17
Change blood type Bruce Almighty 11/27/17
Protein Unfolding Algorithms? Cory J. Geesaman 11/24/17
Article: The Feds Are Officially Cracking Down on Basement Biohackers Cory J. Geesaman 11/23/17
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