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Ask a Biosafety Expert: A new service from to get some free advice from biosafety experts Jason Bobe 5/26/15
Deinococcus Linden 8/31/15
I want to test my own food - where do I start Philippo Möller 8/31/15
I know you're out there! Northern VA/DC, let's connect! Jake Koster 8/28/15
I am new mokhtar mohammad 8/27/15
Any interest in a DIYbio group in Bethesda, Maryland? SC 8/27/15
Cleaning methods for pipette tips Jelmer Cnossen 8/19/15
Growth curve Linden 8/17/15
short dsDNA Luke 8/17/15
Anyone have Paenibacillus vortex or dendritiformis? Patrik D'haeseleer 8/17/15
Best/Cheapest Services for DNA Sequencing & Synthesis Patrik D'haeseleer 8/16/15
Anyone used Nanopore Sequencer? Mega [Andreas Stuermer] 8/16/15
DIYbio logo ideas Ricardo Vidal 8/16/15
SENS conference San Francisco Mega [Andreas Stuermer] 8/14/15
Anyone skilled in Japanese? Mega [Andreas Stuermer] 8/14/15
Chemical basis for bioluminescence in glowing fungi uncovered Cathal Garvey 8/14/15
“Biobuilder: Synthetic biology in the lab” Book Celebration Karen Ingram 8/14/15
Pilot Plant - Curiosity Linden 8/12/15
Anyone else want to take Intro to CRYO-EM class with me on Coursera? Nathan McCorkle 8/11/15
Any use for RNA secondary structure prediction? (slash help getting started?) Michael Flynn 8/11/15
A Little Help Needed, DIYbio of Twitter Cathal Garvey 8/11/15
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