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Ask a Biosafety Expert: A new service from to get some free advice from biosafety experts Jason Bobe 5/26/15
Internship physical microbes store Pieter 3:49 AM
DIY electroporator Marc Juul 4/29/16
Immersive protein structure analysis with Microsoft's HoloLens Scott 4/29/16
Gene therapy againt aging Mike Petersen 4/29/16
low cost open electroporator John Griessen 4/29/16
low cost closed electroporator Koeng 4/29/16
Human Gene Editing - Considerations Philipp Boeing 4/28/16
$400 for 200uL YOYO-1 DNA dye, is there cheaper bis-intercalator dye? Nathan McCorkle 4/27/16
Third BioHack Academy graduates Pieter 4/27/16
DIY Labware review bostjan 4/27/16
Biology project porsche200471 4/27/16
Political work: DIYbio vs. "alternative 'medicine'" Open BioLab Graz 4/26/16
1st Ottawa, Ontario, Canada DIY Bio meetup today Kalem Tysick 4/26/16
UK Biohackathon June 21st-25th Bethan 4/26/16
Survey re: current knowledge of GMOs mgaldzic 4/22/16
Bio Art Summer Residency, Still sports available Sebastian 4/22/16
Storing competent cells without -80c freezer William Beeson 4/21/16
Convenient DNA Sequencing company Mega [Andreas Stuermer] 4/20/16
DIYbio in Heidelberg, Germany ukitel 4/20/16
Open source web sequence/plasmid viewer/editor components? Marc Juul 4/19/16
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