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Protein Folding Dan Wood 2/23/18
Mammalian cells Michael Flynn 2/23/18
Home cloning setup Michael Flynn 2/23/18
Abstract Submission: Bioinformatics Open Source Conference: June 26/27 in Portland, OR gedankenstuecke 2/23/18
DIY electroporator Marc Juul 2/22/18
Legalities of GMO producing biolabs in the EU? Arkos Vahamaki 2/22/18
Developing a Permanent Treatment for Lactose Intolerance Using Gene Therapy By The Thought Emporium Ryan Vitug-Gavieres 2/20/18
Training and grant oppotunities Dave Mac 2/19/18
Biofilter Fatima 2/17/18
grow meat at home Loïc 2/16/18
California Central Coast DIYbio Rolando831 2/10/18
Were the DIY CRISPR kits contaminated? ukitel 2/9/18
Anyone have experience with cryo storage in LN dewar? Thomas Meany 2/8/18
Freedom Evo Tecan Troubleshooting - HELP! Ana Santos 2/4/18
Screw cap petri dishes? Sebastian 1/27/18
Bioluminescent plants revisited CoreyHowe 1/27/18
BioRad ICycler Password or Service Manual Roninlaw 1/26/18
Hacking an Ion Proton Nimesh Chandra 1/24/18
Where to get project ideas for beginners Henry Burnett 1/23/18
CRISPR to make just males Abizar Lakdawalla 1/12/18
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