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Ask a Biosafety Expert: A new service from to get some free advice from biosafety experts Jason Bobe 5/26/15
Why is my Gluconobacter Agar not sticking to my petri dish? Philipp Kollenz 12:47 PM
Can anyone tell me what kind of equipment and supplies I would need to look at telomeres in cells? Brad S 10:00 AM
I want to Biohack! Thing is I just completed high school(A levels) Azra Abdi 7:08 AM
diybio in buenos aires? David Zehnter 7:07 AM
Sponsorship & Raising money for iGem Ujjwal Thaakar 4:12 AM
BioFoundry Meow-Ludo 1:03 AM
help me setup DIY-BIO home Lab to produce Recombinant Factor VIII Sunil Phani 7/6/15
Re: [Labchip] Bio-Commons Lab ---> reminder to take your tickets !!!! M Lo 7/3/15
Does anyone know how to inexpensively obtain gluconacetobacter xylinus? Philipp Kollenz 7/2/15
Personal DNA Sequencer Genapsys Jason Bobe 7/2/15
A year at -20... does it work? Koeng 7/2/15
Getting started kwajo mensah 7/2/15
I have a plasmid I need from a paper- but I need help in having it constructed. Please help :) GFP4Me 7/1/15
Something is Rotten in Denmark Roninlaw 7/1/15
Looking for Synthetic Bio startup partners Oobulu Goobulu 6/30/15
Community Lab in Belgium Winnie Poncelet 6/29/15
Need some help in understanding the best way to start a biology lab hackerspace projet Charles Cuny-Crigny 6/29/15
Re: [DIYbio] Thermus aquaticus sample Avery 6/25/15
ssDNA gibson and biobricks Koeng 6/22/15
DIYBio promotional materials Anton Kulaga 6/22/15
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