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Dispatch 0.12.2 and 0.13.0-M2 Matt Farmer 6/4/17
Some changes coming to Dispatch Matt Farmer 5/27/17
Taking over as maintainer Matt Farmer 5/1/17
Monitoring download progress Hanns Holger Rutz 3/26/17
Aborting a download Hanns Holger Rutz 3/26/17
Building a triple Scala (2.10, 2.11, 2.12) project Hanns Holger Rutz 3/24/17
read timeout not being reset on every write Daniel Bolanos 10/24/16
async-http-client 2.0 Stu 9/8/16
Multiple clients were created or what? Xi Shen 8/30/16
How to read a chunked encoded message as it comes in? John Kida 8/30/16
put together some quick user notes Devon Miller 7/23/16
When will the pull request: https://github.com/dispatch/reboot/pull/118 be pulled to master? Hui Li 7/18/16
How to send request to spnego enabled service ? Jeff Zhang 3/3/16
Cannot get the response body following a 400 - Bad Request on a DELETE request Sérgio Nunes 2/19/16
Dispatch async-http-client library version mismatch Raman Goyal 12/21/15
Documentation Site Diogo Santos 11/25/15
Re: [dispatch-scala] [dispatch 0.11.2] Http vs. http n8han 11/25/15
Http Status Code - Easiest Way to Get? Mike S 10/8/15
Cancelling/stopping a long running request ioni...@gmail.com 9/17/15
setQueryParameters removes/overrides parameters set in url string Joseph Conley 7/6/15
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