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Socks proxy with Dispatch Tal 7/10/14
example: pickles for json extraction pelagic 6/29/14
building from src pelagic 6/22/14
as.String set character encoding pelagic 6/17/14
Content-Type issue in dispatch 0.11.1 n8han 5/28/14
Dispatch MIME Daniel Sobral 5/28/14
Dispatch vs Unfiltered Problem Daniel Sobral 5/27/14
basic docs example incorrect moving from 0.11.0 to 0.11.1 Alissa Pajer 5/22/14
Read the entry count per host in the connection pool Wouter Lammers 5/13/14
High CPU usage while exiting sbt console strikes back eugene yokota 4/27/14
GET with setBody possible? Iain Argent 4/27/14
setBody compile error Kyle Thompson 4/25/14
Application doesn't terminate after execution. Jonathan Ferguson 4/18/14
PUT/POST long running request and streaming body data alm...@googlemail.com 4/10/14
How to set a request timeout for specific host Richard Grossman 4/6/14
Possible approaches to download a medium-sized file with Dispatch 0.11.0 Matteo De Martino 4/6/14
Dispatch oauth with Rdio API Daniel Cukier 3/29/14
Question About this property NettyAsyncHttpProviderConfig.EXECUTE_ASYNC_CONNECT Richard Grossman 2/27/14
NettyAsyncHttpProvider vs. ApacheAsyncHttpProvider Normen Müller 2/20/14
Where to put dispatch.Http.shutdown() in case of nested Http calls Normen Müller 2/17/14
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