Digital Curation

The digital curation domain is fortunate to have a diverse set of institutional and consortial efforts, software projects, and standardization initiatives.  Many discussion lists have been created for these individual efforts. The digital-curation discussion list is intended to be a public forum that encourages cross-pollination across these project and institutional boundaries in order to foster wider awareness of project- and institution-specific work and encourage further collaboration.

Topics of conversation may include:

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Job posting: Dryad Executive Director Elizabeth Hull 2/22/18
Call for Proposals - IIPC Web Archiving Conference 2018 Jan Hutar (Archives New Zealand) 2/21/18
Reminder - Call for Papers - IASA Conference 2018 Bertram Lyons 2/21/18
Call for Posts: bloggERS! Embedded Series Ariadne Rehbein 2/21/18
Join the 2018 DLF eResearch Network! Becca Quon 2/20/18
ARK Identifier Summit at French National Library, 21 March 2018 Bertrand Caron 2/16/18
JOBS: Open Research and Digital Scholarship Managers (University of Southampton) Ed Fay 2/15/18
New Post in Collaborating Beyond the Archival Profession Series: Maggie Schreiner on "Teaching Personal Digital Archiving through Community Digitization" Ariadne Rehbein 2/12/18
Archivematica User Forum: announcement & call for participation Shira Peltzman 2/12/18
FADGI Announcement: Guidelines and ADCTest Open Source Tool for Low Cost Performance Testing of Audio ADC Devices Kate Murray 2/1/18
Webinar: Preservation Metadata as Linked Data: revising the PREMIS OWL ontology (Feb. 22, 2018, 12-1:30 EST) Rebecca Guenther 1/31/18
New Post in Collaborating Beyond the Archival Profession Series: Heidi Butler on the "Digital History Station at the Capital Area District Libraries" Ariadne Rehbein 1/31/18
Job: Assistant Professor, Data Science @ URI kboughida 1/30/18
Job Posting: Community Manager for book publishing platform John Chodacki 1/30/18
Apply for a Harvard Library Innovation Lab Fellowship **Feb 1 deadline** 1/29/18
(new job) Research Data Specialist, Kelvin Smith Library, Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, Ohio) Stacie Williams 1/25/18
Data Management Librarian Position Jenna Edwards 1/24/18
New Post in Collaborating Beyond the Archival Profession Series: Jaime Mears on "Iterative Collaboration at LC Labs" Ariadne Rehbein 1/23/18
Call for participation in the Cultural Assessment Working Group, part of DLF Assessment Interest Group Hannah Scates Kettler 1/23/18
Fwd: FW: Don't miss your chance to present at TCDL. Bethany Scott 1/18/18
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