Digital Curation

The digital curation domain is fortunate to have a diverse set of institutional and consortial efforts, software projects, and standardization initiatives.  Many discussion lists have been created for these individual efforts. The digital-curation discussion list is intended to be a public forum that encourages cross-pollination across these project and institutional boundaries in order to foster wider awareness of project- and institution-specific work and encourage further collaboration.

Topics of conversation may include:

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Commercially available SCSI Write-blockers Emanuel Lorrain 7:51 AM
Five-Day Digital Preservation Management Workshop in Halifax, Nova Scotia, September 25-30, 2016 Creighton Barrett 6/27/16
Working with punched tape Creighton Barrett 6/24/16
1st Int. Workshop on “Semantic Change & Evolving Semantics - SuCCESS’16" - deadline extended Linda Ligios 6/24/16
New Post in Digital Processing Series: Angela White on collecting email Ann Cooper 6/21/16
Searching for a Data Transfer Tool for Mac (to meet some technical/business limitations) 6/20/16
PERICLES newsletter - June 2016 Linda Ligios 6/20/16
On-Premise vs. Cloud Storage Brian Rogers 6/16/16
Invalid Encoding of Directories and Files Jarrett Drake 6/12/16
Digital Content Intake Survey jody 6/10/16
Guidance for nonprofit organizations Anu Kasarabada 6/9/16
Preservica workflow draft 6/8/16
New Post in Digital Processing Series: Trevor Owens and Emily Reynolds on the IMLS national digital platform Martin Gengenbach 6/7/16
Archivematica release 1.5 and Storage Service 0.8 Sarah Romkey 6/6/16
Public Knowledge Project announces its Private LOCKSS Network Mark Jordan 6/2/16
COREfast backup software? Jess Whyte 6/1/16
New Post in Digital Processing Series: Mary W. Elings on Using NLP to Support Dynamic Arrangement, Description, and Discovery of Born Digital Collections Anne G 5/24/16
Using GitHub Elizabeth Charlton 5/21/16
PERICLES Newsletter - May 2016 Linda Ligios 5/20/16
New Post in Digital Processing Series: Tibaut Houzanme and John Scancella on Indiana Archives and Records Administration’s Accession Profile Use in Bagger Anne G 5/17/16
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