Digital Curation

The digital curation domain is fortunate to have a diverse set of institutional and consortial efforts, software projects, and standardization initiatives.  Many discussion lists have been created for these individual efforts. The digital-curation discussion list is intended to be a public forum that encourages cross-pollination across these project and institutional boundaries in order to foster wider awareness of project- and institution-specific work and encourage further collaboration.

Topics of conversation may include:

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Controlled vocabularies for digital object management pmckinney 7/27/16
Call for papers on Digital Preservation Libor Coufal 7/27/16
New Post on bloggERS: Richard Marciano on Computational Archival Science Ann Cooper 7/27/16
PERICLES newsletter - July 2016 Linda Ligios 7/26/16
Call for Expressions of Interest in hosting the annual Open Repositories Conference, 2018 and 2019 Sarah Shreeves 7/26/16
Data Packages and R Daniel Fowler 7/19/16
Director, Distinctive Collections, Associate Prof @ URI kboughida 7/18/16
Upcoming BitCurator workshop hosted by the Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO) Porter Olsen 7/15/16
Bagger Profiles Margaret Peachy 7/15/16
wget warc one-file output Alex Garnett 7/11/16
Register now for October 2016 PASIG at MoMA in NYC Ben Fino-Radin 7/11/16
BagIt tools for R and node.js Daniel Nüst 7/10/16
Preserving pdf's Theresa Cronk 7/9/16
pfs files Jen Weintraub 7/8/16
WSSSPE4 - Final Call for Submissions July 10, 2016 rhmcdonald 7/7/16
Job Posting: Digital Preservation Specialist, University of Michigan Library Lance Stuchell 7/7/16
FITS & Solr Jamie Little 7/7/16
Invalid Encoding of Directories and Files Jarrett Drake 7/6/16
Save the date: ‘Acting on Change: New Approaches and Future Practices in Digital Preservation’ 30 Nov - 1 Dec 2016 Linda Ligios 7/6/16
Preserving Cricket Graphs Stacy Konkiel 7/2/16
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