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This group is for installation/troubleshooting help or other topics releated to the Diaspora software.For development and feature talk try diaspora-dev!

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Questions about installation Amr 2/25/15
how to configure diaspora* as my own app...? ahmed reza 2/22/15
how to configure diaspora* ahmed reza 2/22/15
Image upload Andreas Wirstam 2/14/15
Call for API User stories for W3C Social WG elf Pavlik 2/10/15
Unlock account n0n0 1/17/15
Error while "Precompiling assets" during installation of a pod Abhilash Mhaisne 1/16/15
unable to login : https://joindiaspora.com/ Black Sheep 1/11/15
Can I see in the stream, posts from others pods? Bruno Tavares 12/25/14
same id Hugh Thomas 12/7/14
Feature Request: embed and render 3D content inside diaspora posts Olivier de Broqueville 12/5/14
Fwd: [D*] crowd funding campaign to work full time on diaspora packaging Jason Robinson 12/5/14
On "privacy" aspect of the network - some remarks and a couple of questions M P 12/3/14
Sizing a VPS & Bandwidth for Diaspora Andrew Fabbro 11/19/14
[ANNOUNCEMENT] diaspora* security release Jonne Haß 10/30/14
What is Diaspora? paul sutton 10/25/14
Virtual servers and subdirectories Brian Flowers 10/25/14
[help] How do I suggest ideas, features etc? Tao Andzen 10/18/14
[feature discussion] Picture/Image posting ability in the "conversation /mailbox" Tao Andzen 10/17/14
[Help] E' possibile collegare due account di pod diversi? Is possible to connect two account two different pod? Salvo Vazzana 10/9/14
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