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This group is for installation/troubleshooting help or other topics releated to the Diaspora software.For development and feature talk try diaspora-dev!

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Remove account details from tags pages JR 11/13/15
libmysql dependency when using postgresql Boris Rybalkin 10/26/15
Lost Email Account Tosca Johnson 10/24/15
FreedomBox Halloween Hack-a-thon Marc Jones 10/21/15
[ANNOUNCEMENT] diaspora* release Dennis Schubert 10/19/15
Diaspora over Tor Martin Vahi 10/1/15
[ANNOUNCEMENT] diaspora* security release Jonne Haß 9/13/15
Logos, Branding Jack Freakazoid 9/9/15
diasporat does not post to your profiles on other major social services Rod S 9/7/15
[ANNOUNCEMENT] diaspora* release Dennis Schubert 9/7/15
how to get a new password... how??? Lyn Cassady 9/7/15
Cannot even register probably due to German umlauts. Bevor 8/30/15
Forgotten Password Vyvr 8/21/15
How to reach the administrator team of joindiaspora.com? Michael Vogel 8/13/15
[ANNOUNCEMENT] diaspora* release Dennis Schubert 7/26/15
iOS Client Drew Johnson 7/2/15
Feedback on general interest article. Kirk Zurell 7/2/15
Downtime notice for the pod joindiaspora.com Jason Robinson 7/2/15
[ANNOUNCEMENT] diaspora* security release Jonne Haß 7/2/15
Updating to 0.5 | bin/rake db:migrate => rake aborted! NameError: uninitialized constant Rack::SSL | Following : https://wiki.diasporafoundation.org/Updating#Updating_diaspora.2A_0.4_to_diaspora.2A_0.5 Sofocle 6/22/15
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