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This group is for installation/troubleshooting help or other topics releated to the Diaspora software.For development and feature talk try diaspora-dev!

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Google Groups for diaspora* now closed Dennis Schubert 3/22/17
diaspora* version released! Dennis Schubert 3/11/17
Diaspora pods vs p2p Maarten Vergouwe 3/5/17
HSTS header adjusting Julian Gilbey 2/5/17
Announcement: No further release notes Dennis Schubert 2/5/17
LDAP integration Boris Rybalkin 2/3/17
Diaspora facebook integration Olexandr Dushko 2/2/17
diaspora* version released! Dennis Schubert 1/22/17
Looking for help with Diaspora on Debian/Raspberry pi Paul Richardson 1/9/17
Uninstalling a pod? Julian Gilbey 1/9/17
diaspora* version released! Dennis Schubert 12/13/16
Diaspora legal link at footer Benjamin Hartwich 12/8/16
Profile photo not displaying Sharon P 11/28/16
diaspora* version released! Dennis Schubert 11/2/16
[Stupid question] Is really Diaspora decentralized? Lord Fervi 10/13/16
Syncloud: Personal diaspora pod on a device Boris Rybalkin 10/9/16
Ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04 Diaspora* won't start paul meeke 9/29/16
Language filter Cem Örsel 9/27/16
Is Diaspora anything like this idea I had for the raspberry pi? Andrew Singleton 9/27/16
diaspora* hotfix release Dennis Schubert 9/19/16
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