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This group is for development and feature talk. For installation/troubleshooting help or other topics releated to the Diaspora software try diaspora-discuss!

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Google Groups for diaspora* now closed Dennis Schubert 3/22/17
diaspora* Environment setup chathurika senani 3/13/17
diaspora* version released! Dennis Schubert 3/11/17
[Setup] Diaspora API for clientside app Kaustav Chakraborty 3/9/17
Community Start Up Ask Raymond Laracuenta 3/3/17
LDAP integration Boris Rybalkin 2/7/17
Announcement: No further release notes Dennis Schubert 2/6/17
Create a new user by a script or console command Dennis Mezhevich 1/23/17
diaspora* version released! Dennis Schubert 1/22/17
diaspora* version released! Dennis Schubert 12/13/16
person centric identity, trust chains or biometrics Kaleb Himes 11/27/16
Re: You have joined the group diaspo...@googlegroups.com Greg Troxel 11/27/16
diaspora* version released! Dennis Schubert 11/2/16
Upgrading to can't do DB migrations because of an existing table Konrad Klabspat 10/30/16
Not able to run the Diaspora in Mac for development Sai Vardhan 10/27/16
Captcha not working? Nate 10/5/16
Is there any members, with whom I could implement the video functionnality? Mikaël Gernigon 9/28/16
A proposal: Diaspora messaging RCBarioni 9/24/16
diaspora* hotfix release Dennis Schubert 9/19/16
Seed migration feature specification - Review feedback Dennis Schubert 9/19/16
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