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This group is for development and feature talk. For installation/troubleshooting help or other topics releated to the Diaspora software try diaspora-discuss!

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Google+ has an API already? Yosem Companys 12:57 PM
configured diaspora Guy Eli 4/12/14
Isolating a Pod from other Pods Scott C. Reynolds 3/27/14
Current State of Diaspora jett moore 3/25/14
Diaspora Privately Branded Pod - Questions Alex M 3/22/14
Invitation to Survey on Design Patterns p.bo...@student.rug.nl 3/4/14
Paperboy for Diaspora* PaperboD* 2/24/14
Customizing Diaspora to give me yammer (basic version ) features ? jaax 2/20/14
[ANNOUNCEMENT] diaspora* security release Jonne Haß 2/19/14
[ANNOUNCEMENT] diaspora* hotfix version released Jason Robinson 2/18/14
[NEWCOMER] Interested in contributing to diaspora* Aditya Bhardwaj 2/1/14
Photos: tagging contacts, resolution, and comments itai...@gmail.com 1/28/14
Google Summer of Code 2014 Aruna Herath 1/28/14
Diaspora changes translation platform Jonne Haß 1/21/14
[ANNOUNCEMENT] diaspora* HOTFIX version released Jason Robinson 1/20/14
[ANNOUNCEMENT] diaspora* version released Jason Robinson 1/19/14
CentOS installation issues - libcurl Robert R 1/16/14
[ANNOUNCEMENT] diaspora* security released Fabian Matias Rodriguez 12/6/13
Unable to receive updates on poddery.com after moving to AlphaSSL j4v4m4n 12/5/13
Windows Phone diasporapp Corentin Dubuisson 12/1/13
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