The web based version has been released (http://dialangweb.lancaster.ac.uk) and is available for beta testing.  It should work under most web browsers, but is primarily tested against Google Chrome.

This group is aimed at users of the DIALANG language testing software. DIALANG is the primary outcome of an EU funded project to deliver an instrument for aligning language learners on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

If you are a user of DIALANG and want to make suggestions to guide its future, please contribute to this group, and you will be heard.

If you've never used DIALANG and would like to test your language skills, go here.

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I cannot connect to Dialang in any way under Windows 8! Johnny Grinter 6/30/15
not working vincent ceulenaere 6/6/15
Not working??? victoria...@ycdsbk12.ca 5/21/15
How are the levels calculated? Tina Lund 5/14/15
Japanese is now in ! Adrian Fish 5/14/15
skipping questions and 'time-out' Tina Lund 4/24/15
DIALANG web version now available for testing Adrian Fish 3/12/15
Re: Abridged summary of dialan...@googlegroups.com - 2 updates in 1 topic Cece Etienne Lamah 1/23/15
Starting DIALANG Katrin Wisniewski 1/23/15
Online version problem : Failed to submit Technocrat 12/10/14
connection problem Silvio Viotti 12/10/14
Relase of stable web based version Guillaume Bodet 10/9/14
DIALANG subject-specific linguistic proficiency versus general proficiency + benchmark qualifications alexanderv...@gmail.com 9/26/14
DIALANG server upgrade Adrian Fish 9/18/14
Errors during test taking. Adrian Fish 5/23/14
Network down? voi...@gmail.com 2/3/14
Never managing to get onto Dialang jim DONOHUE 1/27/14
New to Dialang Candy 12/4/13
Network error Antonia de Oñate 7/24/13
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