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Jisc research data projects invitation Christopher Gutteridge 2/16/15
Free pizza, prizes and research software best practice - Collaborations Workshop 2015 Shoaib Sufi 2/3/15
research data spring Christopher Gutteridge 12/15/14
Action short of a strike Christopher Gutteridge 12/15/14
Fwd: [Pasig-announce] AMIA + DLF Cross-Pollinator Travel Awards for developers mduke 10/27/14
Is software important to research in the UK? Christopher Gutteridge 10/15/14
Research software engineer hackday paulwalk 8/20/14
Python developer / Research Associate / Fellow at the University of Nottingham, UK Michaela Mahlberg 7/16/14
Fwd: Announcing the opening keynote for Museums Get Mobile: Andy Budd Mia 4/24/14
New Jisc Christopher Gutteridge 3/15/14
developer jobs at EDINA paulwalk 3/13/14
Visualising Research Richard Jones 1/3/14
open access button Richard Jones 11/7/13
Hacking the university Joss Winn 11/7/13
Ontology documentation tool Ian Stuart 11/5/13
BBC Data Architect Christopher Gutteridge 10/29/13
Visualisation tool for RDF Schema Ian Stuart 10/29/13
membership conditions for this group Richard Jones 10/28/13
Workshop for research software engineers Mark W 9/17/13
Hiring Good Web Devs Christopher Gutteridge 9/9/13
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