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[timbunce/devel-nytprof] Tim.Bunce 3/26/18
[timbunce/devel-nytprof] aa4e4c: Fixes for perl 5.8 Tim.Bunce 3/23/18
[timbunce/devel-nytprof] d5feee: Update links from old svn repository to Github Tim.Bunce 3/23/18
[timbunce/devel-nytprof] b7d273: Change snprintf to my_snprintf for portability. Tim.Bunce 3/23/18
[timbunce/devel-nytprof] 7595dd: NYTProf.xs: prevent memory corruption in incr_sub_... Tim.Bunce 3/23/18
[timbunce/devel-nytprof] dab328: Fix for perl 5.27.6+ Tim.Bunce 3/23/18
[timbunce/devel-nytprof] 43e154: Fix test failures on Perl 5.26 w/ PERL_USE_UNSAFE_... Tim.Bunce 12/31/17
[timbunce/devel-nytprof] 2dee44: Fix for the double opening of the web browser Tim.Bunce 12/31/17
[timbunce/devel-nytprof] b21dd1: floatHeaders keep <TH>s on top. Update jQuery to ... Tim.Bunce 11/25/16
I've uploaded Devel::NYTProf 6.04 Tim.Bunce 11/24/16
[timbunce/devel-nytprof] 30819e: Turn off experimental warnings in unit test t/test... Tim.Bunce 11/24/16
[timbunce/devel-nytprof] 850de1: Add --flamewidth to nytprofhtml Tim.Bunce 11/24/16
[timbunce/devel-nytprof] Tim.Bunce 11/24/16
[timbunce/devel-nytprof] 3d3f9a: Bump version to 6.04 and update Changes. Tim.Bunce 11/24/16
[timbunce/devel-nytprof] 61c414: Fix spelling mistake in nytprofcsv docs. Closes #9... Tim.Bunce 11/24/16
[timbunce/devel-nytprof] 18f9cd: .travis.yml: Add fast_finish: true and add dev-thr... Tim.Bunce 11/24/16
[timbunce/devel-nytprof] b5edca: Add 5.24 to .travis.yml; add dev-thr-mb-shrplib-db... Tim.Bunce 11/24/16
[timbunce/devel-nytprof] 145ef0: Update .travis.yml: use dev not blead, add 5.22, p... Tim.Bunce 11/24/16
[timbunce/devel-nytprof] 4a4bab: nytprofmerge fails on Windows due to absent export Tim.Bunce 11/24/16
[timbunce/devel-nytprof] b929e2: Fix invalid utf-8 character in resulting HTML file Tim.Bunce 11/24/16
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