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[timbunce/devel-nytprof] 8afd5d: switch from JSON::Any (deprecated) to JSON::MaybeX... Tim.Bunce 5/9/15
[timbunce/devel-nytprof] 57496c: Fix unused variable warnings RT#103107 Tim.Bunce 4/4/15
[timbunce/devel-nytprof] a2fcc8: Add QueryPerformanceCounter clock for Windows Tim.Bunce 4/4/15
[timbunce/devel-nytprof] 713d99: Clarified the docs re DB:: functions, #63 and upda... Tim.Bunce 3/29/15
[timbunce/devel-nytprof] a4f48e: use setvbuf to increase buffer size Tim.Bunce 3/28/15
[timbunce/devel-nytprof] bf220b: PERL_DISABLE_PMC might be anywhere, not in CCFLAGS Tim.Bunce 3/27/15
[timbunce/devel-nytprof] 370c9e: Typo in doc Tim.Bunce 3/25/15
[timbunce/devel-nytprof] ee0c57: Clarified the documentation Tim.Bunce 3/22/15
[timbunce/devel-nytprof] 4e3772: Make t/50-errno.t write .out file in t/ like other... Tim.Bunce 3/22/15
[timbunce/devel-nytprof] 6ceb06: fallback to checking PATH for nytprof scripts Tim.Bunce 3/1/15
[timbunce/devel-nytprof] 19fde6: Clarification of the RUN-TIME CONTROL OF PROFILING... Tim.Bunce 2/22/15
[timbunce/devel-nytprof] 5efaa2: Bump version to 5.07 Tim.Bunce 2/22/15
[timbunce/devel-nytprof] 0a1111: Give up testing with Moose due to timeouts Tim.Bunce 2/20/15
[timbunce/devel-nytprof] 640393: Use travis_wait to workaround 'cpanm Moose' timeou... Tim.Bunce 2/20/15
[timbunce/devel-nytprof] ca6660: Preload some Moose prereqs to avoid travis-ci 60 s... Tim.Bunce 2/20/15
[timbunce/devel-nytprof] 8af760: Don't fail due to failure to install optional prer... Tim.Bunce 2/20/15
[timbunce/devel-nytprof] 93454f: Commit the missing skip_all left off previous comm... Tim.Bunce 2/20/15
[timbunce/devel-nytprof] 71e3e5: Put sort block on one line due line numbering chan... Tim.Bunce 2/20/15
[timbunce/devel-nytprof] 62198c: Allow sub name buffer size to be set at build time Tim.Bunce 2/20/15
[timbunce/devel-nytprof] b672c6: Fix so works when perl installed in directory with... Tim.Bunce 2/19/15
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