Dependency Check

Dependency-check is a utility that identifies project dependencies and checks if there are any known, publicly disclosed, vulnerabilities. Currently only Java projects are supported; however, support for .NET, Node.JS, client side JavaScript libraries, etc. is planned. This tool can be part of a solution to the OWASP Top 10 2013 A9 - Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities.

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dependency-check 1.2.3 released Jeremy Long 6/28/14
dependency-check 1.2.1 released Jeremy Long 5/10/14
dependency-check 1.2.0 released Jeremy Long 4/29/14
dependency-check-1.1.4 released Jeremy Long 3/31/14
dependency-check 1.1.3 released Jeremy Long 3/11/14
dependency-check 1.1.2 released Jeremy Long 3/4/14
dependency-check 1.0.8 released Jeremy Long 2/10/14
dependency-check 1.1.1 released Jeremy Long 1/30/14
dependency-check v1.0.7 released Jeremy Long 1/12/14
dependency-check version 1.0.2 released Jeremy Long 9/3/13
dependency-check 1.0.1 Jeremy Long 8/10/13
Timeline for v1.2.4 Prashanth Srikanthan 7/9/14
Version 1.2.3 with Maven 2.2.1 build throws java.lang.StackOverflowError Dennis Hoer 7/7/14
Proxy config in version 1.2.2 Zierer, Thomas 7/6/14
finding vulnerable libs and using different tools syed mehdi 7/6/14
Is there documentation on the packaged analyzers? 6/24/14
dependency-check 1.2.2 released Jeremy Long 6/24/14
Query Amit Agarwal 6/20/14
Is it a False Positive ! Amit Agarwal 6/12/14
Query Amit Agarwal 6/11/14
Checking vulnerabilities in third party jars DependencyUser 6/10/14
mysql-connector-java shows wrong vulnerabilities? Shumpei Akai 5/30/14
Errors Info ? Amit Agarwal 5/29/14
Query - search in zip Amit Agarwal 5/22/14
Report generation Amit Agarwal 5/21/14
Query Amit Agarwal 5/20/14
incorrect match? displaytag-export-poi-1.2.jar Jason Rothhaupt 5/14/14
org.owasp.dependencycheck.utils.DownloadFailedException: Error making HTTP HEAD request. Prashanth Srikanthan 5/13/14
Evidence and Identifier Bernd Eckenfels 4/30/14
False Positive? guice3 triggers spring checks.. Mark Derricutt 4/30/14
Null pointer exception running CLI Tim Bond 4/30/14
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