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Extracting equivalent nodes April Wright 2/8/15
What is the default tree rooting employed? Sourya Bhattacharyya 1/14/15
Making a tree ultrametric Yan Wong 12/10/14
Bug? in resolve_polytomies(rng=random) Yan Wong 12/10/14
resolve_polytomies() fails at root Yan Wong 12/4/14
Reading in newick files with blank names Yan Wong 12/2/14
Removing redundant (unbranched) internal nodes Yan Wong 11/29/14
find_nodes Yan Wong 11/28/14
change leaf name 11/24/14
Adding new nodes to a Tree 11/9/14
Create an edge to separate a multifurcation Vicks 11/6/14
Using dendropy to find quartet frequencies in list of trees? Ruth Davidson 10/30/14
find_node_with_taxon_label returning None Matt Stata 10/9/14
symmetric_difference() returning 0 on different trees? Ruth Davidson 10/7/14
Bug? in symmetric_difference or newick cross conversion Rich Drewes 9/7/14
list of all splits 8/10/14
problem with resolve_polytomies() Wasiu Akanni 7/15/14
Maximum Number of Records for Genbank? Nathan Lemoine 6/29/14
Case Sensitive Taxon Names — Bug? Eric Q. Miller 5/20/14
Beast metadata import fails on package-supplied test tree Michael G 5/13/14
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