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calculate average of node bootstrap values for a tree Pete Hosner 11/15/15
Reading character matrices into memory one by one Markus Englund 11/9/15
strict consensus merger Erfan Sayyari 11/7/15
tree.infer_taxa() vs update_taxon_namespace() Yan Wong 11/3/15
Join two trees (add one tree at the tip of the other) Erica Fary 10/11/15
Frequency of bipartition Carl Oliveros 10/8/15
Simulating multi allele gene trees from sample species tree Sourya Bhattacharyya 9/23/15
Extract or print subtree Yan Wong 9/17/15
SumTrees common ancestor node ages Nitish Narula 9/11/15
prune_taxa possible enhancement Yan Wong 9/5/15
postorder docs Yan Wong 9/5/15
prune_leaves_without_taxa removes named unifurcations Yan Wong 9/4/15
Collapsing clades to a single branch Yan Wong 8/19/15
Is it possible to output a table of bipartitions with associated edge lengths? Edward Braun 8/13/15
Parse tree to retrieve bootstrap support, patristic distance and node ids vmontoya 8/6/15
typo in Paul Lewis 8/4/15
Usage of '--ultrametricity-precision Jenny Ellis 7/28/15
Error while executing the function strict_consensus_merge() in Dendropy 3.12.0. Kajori Banerjee 7/20/15
Tree.prune_taxa() does not update bipartition hashes Donovan Parks 6/18/15
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