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Collapsing clades to a single branch Yan Wong 8/19/15
Is it possible to output a table of bipartitions with associated edge lengths? Edward Braun 8/13/15
Parse tree to retrieve bootstrap support, patristic distance and node ids vmontoya 8/6/15
typo in Paul Lewis 8/4/15
Usage of '--ultrametricity-precision Jenny Ellis 7/28/15
Error while executing the function strict_consensus_merge() in Dendropy 3.12.0. Kajori Banerjee 7/20/15
Tree.prune_taxa() does not update bipartition hashes Donovan Parks 6/18/15
Reconstructing a tree from DNA sequences 6/16/15
Adding new nodes to a Tree 6/16/15
Checking tip labels Emily Jane McTavish 6/9/15
Reference API of older versions siavash mirarab 6/8/15
DendroPy 4.0.0 has been released! Jeet Sukumaran 6/4/15
"translate" in trees block (nexus format) Michael Dunn 6/4/15
Extracting equivalent nodes April Wright 2/8/15
What is the default tree rooting employed? Sourya Bhattacharyya 1/14/15
Making a tree ultrametric Yan Wong 12/10/14
Bug? in resolve_polytomies(rng=random) Yan Wong 12/10/14
resolve_polytomies() fails at root Yan Wong 12/4/14
Reading in newick files with blank names Yan Wong 12/2/14
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