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Welcome to the DeftJS Google Group! DeftJS enhances Sencha's ExtJS and Sencha Touch APIs with additional building blocks that enable large development teams to rapidly create enterprise-scale applications.

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mixin_conversion branch Jacob 1/3/15
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struggling between Ext Controller and Deft ViewController Jacob 12/13/14
Resolve or reject a deferred or promise multiple times 11/25/14
DeftJS at SenchaCon 2015? Chad Glendenin 11/13/14
controllerConfig changed in ExtJS 5? Mihai Stanciu 10/30/14
DeftJS 5 samples Jean-Marc Choulet 10/14/14
Defjs 5 - Using routes MVVM Oscar Orduz 9/22/14
Defjs 5 - inject only works with 'Deft.mvc.ViewController', Oscar Orduz 9/16/14
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Deft JS vs ExtJS 5 8/22/14
Deft 5-alpha impressions Ben Quarmby 7/23/14
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