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Issue with Y axis labels on plots Neotropical bat risk assessments 12/10/17
OutOfMemoryError (Java) Bruce Miller 11/16/17
Error: Attempted to create layer with no stat (ggcorplot) Ilya Schurov 11/9/17
Bar graph: "Found object is not a stat" 11/1/17
Standardized regression coefficients aka β eric porges 10/21/17
Any way to set number of decimal places? Bruce Miller 9/3/17
compute a new variable Manel Salamero 6/26/17
iplots - segmentation fault (core dumped) Aditya Panse 6/17/17
how to capture df data Bruce Miller 6/9/17
label cases in scatter matrix Rohrpost 5/3/17
Open Data error Rohrpost 3/27/17
Newbie: Converting Variable type from Integer to Factor Evan Sheppy 2/26/17
Deducer - JGR-2.1.dmg file link does not work 2/24/17
Install Deducer in Ubuntu LTSP fat clients (in ltsp-chroot) Iurie Malai 2/17/17
Trouble with Deducer running on MacOS Sierra Luis Fernando Barraza Araiza 1/9/17
Loading shape files in Deducer Spatial 11/14/16
Spss import tip, requesting advice on the use of ordinal paired data--using such data with the Wilcoxon signed rank test, displaying on a 'grouped' bar chart and transferring plots to other documents (e.g Word) President Band Boosters 10/14/16
Consistent Error with t tests Ben Fox 9/26/16
Update plots to keep up with ggplot2 Matt Rissler 9/13/16
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