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Plus signs ("+" signs) in file when doing File/Save/Options:Commands r-deducer-user 7/20/16
Novice and Layperson: help opening my .csv file into deducer 7/16/16
rJava errors with JGR 6/30/16
rJava Jesus Piedrafita 5/28/16
Dodge does not work in gropuped line template? Klaus Gottlieb 5/1/16
Error: Attempted to create layer with no stat (ggcorplot) Ilya Schurov 4/29/16
Deducer error when trying to use ggvis Roger 4/29/16
read stata data file Rohrpost 4/29/16
No bin size selection in histogram template (PlotBuilder) Ilya Schurov 4/14/16
plot output images a specific size? eric porges 4/13/16
Bar graphs in Deducer? Error: No stat called StatBar. JSS 4/7/16
interaction in deducer Jesus Piedrafita 2/21/16
1.4 GB data file causes "not responding" error... is this to be expected? r-deducer-user 2/17/16
data import errors Rohrpost 1/11/16
impossible to find function "revalue" Rohrpost 1/11/16
Adding mean with 95% CI to boxplots moopsdad 1/4/16
Re: "Error: Unknown Parameter: mult" when trying to use Deducer to plot anything Ian 12/28/15
Survfit function moopsdad 12/22/15
"Error: Unknown Parameter: mult" when attempting to plot data. Richard Anderson 12/22/15
Tukey Kramer test using JGR 12/4/15
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