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Query on use of Plot builder Bruce Miller 4/9/15
Re: Deducer (and JGR) extremely small on Windows 8.1 (I believe) Tom 3/20/15
Logistic Regression ANOVA Table give error message Jose 3/18/15
Java Issue?? 3/15/15
Custom function for Descriptives Iurie Malai 3/12/15
DeducerRichOutput Iurie Malai 3/2/15
Name data points in scatter plot ftr 2/28/15
Blank pages of the Deducer wiki Helios De Rosario 2/1/15
Deducer (and JGR) extremely small on Windows 8.1 (I believe) JSS 1/30/15
Several dependency errors when installing deducer on linux x86_64 1/12/15
R.3.1.2/ deducer/JGR not working properly on window 8.1 lsaa2014 1/8/15
java.lang.NullPointerException 12/20/14
R / RJava / JGR / Deducer /Plot Builder and memory Kieran Short 12/10/14
Data Subset help Kieran Short 12/10/14
Missing JGR App Icon Roger 12/10/14
Packages are available (for R version 3.1.2) 12/5/14
Deducer/JGR Error Roger 11/20/14
Changing plot scales 11/10/14
Query about most efficient solution Bruce Miller 11/5/14
Plotting clusters 10/16/14
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