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Need some help understanding an aggregate, what produces it? Homan Chou 2:51 AM
Should sagas have their own events? emragins 2:11 AM
What is your favorite solution for Eventual Consistency and Race Conditions? Andrew Holm 6/26/16
Process Manager used for validation and other questions on CQRS ES design Denis Mikhaylov 6/24/16
Remodelling aggregates, changing aggregate boundaries - in an event sourced system? And general questions urbanhusky 6/24/16
Is DDD about identifying right consistency model in domain Shripad Agashe 6/18/16
where to put data objects that are not part of the domain? Jeff 6/17/16
How to model time in CQRS/ES system Denis Mikhaylov 6/16/16
How to model/project continous data (warehouse stock over time etc.)? urbanhusky 6/16/16
One-to-many relationship between aggregates, how to create/add + interpretation in different contexts urbanhusky 6/15/16
Calculations in Aggregate or in Projection? Adam Furtenbach 6/15/16
Good examples of CQRS / EventSourcing in functional language Jpup 6/14/16
Is Kafka a good event store for CQRS/DDD application ? chelios....@gmail.com 6/13/16
1 : M Relations with value objects Benjamin Lang 6/9/16
BC modelling and integration Tilman Linden 6/9/16
Bounded contexts in an invoicing app Alexandru Furculita 6/9/16
Questions from a newby in EventSourcing and CQRS Antonio Centeno Romero 6/8/16
Is anyone have already implemented such c# sugar ? dypsok 6/8/16
Need help on design of e-book store billing Denis Mikhaylov 6/8/16
This Thurs & Fri 9-10 June: DDD eXchange London 2016 (Eric Evans, Greg Young, Alberto Brandolini, Rachel Reese, Dan North & More) Nicole Pereira 6/7/16
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