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Event Sourcing with RxJs j...@jonb.org 12/9/16
Can domain model uses value objects in the state transition part? José Luis Martinez de la Riva Manzano 12/9/16
Aggregate root as a downstream event processor nEAnnam140 12/9/16
Read-only representation of a complex AR's state in a different context Alexandre Potvin Latreille 12/8/16
Achieving isolation with Sagas Sebastian 12/5/16
What are the rules about updating multiple related aggregates? Homan Chou 12/4/16
"Almost" event sourcing Daniel Plainview 12/2/16
Apply events to a wrong aggregate José Luis Martinez de la Riva Manzano 11/30/16
Where to put queries, their handlers and view models? David 11/30/16
Converting monolith app to multiple sub applications. How to migrate data from current app into the databases of various bounded contexts? David 11/30/16
AKKA.NET or http://docs.geteventflow.net/ joeh...@gmail.com 11/30/16
Root entity being child entity in another BC Mannaen Mannaen 11/27/16
Which layer should event listeners which listen to events from other bounded contexts be in? David 11/27/16
Explicit state modeling Alexandre Potvin Latreille 11/25/16
GetEventStore Multi-category projection Ricardo Enes da Silva 11/25/16
Cross-aggregate business rules (and eventual consistency?) Michael Ainsworth 11/22/16
Companies practicing DDD Greg 11/22/16
Preventing duplicates. Can be done in aggregate root but inefficient. Use domain service instead? David 11/21/16
Re: [DDD/CQRS] Abridged summary of ddd...@googlegroups.com - 6 updates in 1 topic Scott Ferguson 11/21/16
Command and query at the same time David 11/20/16
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