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How to do event sourcing for complex aggregate roots Vikas Pandey 5/14/18
What is the best bit for AggregateRoot and Enities in Transaction Domain ? Dinesh Patel 5/5/18
Should aggregates only contain methods which make sense in terms of business rules? si...@programujem.eu 5/5/18
Can two aggregate share parent child relationship or child should always be an entity and parent should be AR Vikas Pandey 5/4/18
How to (not) handle events when replaying events on an aggregate with event sourcing Sebastian P.R. Gingter 5/4/18
DDD - service extension Alexandre Parshin 4/23/18
What are some strategies for combining Event Sourcing with non-ES parts? Xtagon 4/22/18
EventStore database backup options Frits Frederiks 4/19/18
Event Store on Azure Fabian Schmied 4/15/18
Event Sourced Process Managers Bastian Waidelich 4/14/18
DDD / Good way to update an item of a collection of value objects Michael Azerhad 4/10/18
What are drawbacks of this kind of repository interfaces ? : Repository.set(uid, fn) Cédric Brancourt 4/9/18
Delete user data required by new EU regulations. Fiorillo Nicola 4/4/18
Versioning of Events and replay of projections Lars Baldes 4/2/18
ES and new European Privacy Protection Fiorillo Nicola 4/2/18
Aggregates/Entities, etc... Brian Sanders 3/26/18
CQRS Actors Virtual Actors Orleans Akka Arun Nair 3/25/18
Value Objects in Commands ashic 3/23/18
Eventsourced projection 'as of' Peter Hageus 3/13/18
Question about how to model relationships in DDD Sebastian P.R. Gingter 3/7/18
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