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Protecting invariant with external system (for many local aggregates/entities) Vlad Lyga 4/30/16
Auditing Context Sammo 4/29/16
How do you deal with domain model validation that requires touching an infrastructure component? Jack Snow 4/29/16
let's get Greg to run independent campaign Douglas Gugino 4/28/16
Akka, the Actor model, Scala .... Douglas Gugino 4/26/16
DDD Primer for non-technical people Pfil Broering 4/25/16
Early availability of an embeddable event sourcing database for Java Yurii Rashkovskii 4/20/16
process manager Douglas Gugino 4/20/16
Aggregate transition - Explicit state modeling Zeljko Vujaklija 4/20/16
How to handle reversing the create command Lap Ming Lee 4/20/16
How to check for an Aggregate's uniqueness on a property ? chelios....@gmail.com 4/18/16
RPC, push messaging, microservices availability during deployment Kirill Chilingarashvili 4/15/16
Highly-active, Immortal Aggregates @neilbarnwell 4/14/16
Selling EventSourcing + CQRS to Management - transition-refactor vs rewrite Machonky 4/13/16
Aggregate size regarding trip information emragins 4/12/16
RavenDB event store ashic 4/11/16
MultiMap + Index Every Field on a Document João Bragança 4/11/16
Event Storage on Azure Michael D 4/11/16
How to Handle the Interactions between Process and Rules: jBPM | Drools Kritika Kapoor 4/9/16
Not sure if use case suits and specifically event sourcing Neil Hosey 4/7/16
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