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Construct DTOs from ARs or plain SQL (with state-based persistence)? Alexandre Potvin Latreille 7:13 PM
Driving forces for bounded contexts Peter Hageus 5:29 PM
Common practice - chained events or service implementation? Colin Yates 7/6/15
Some CQRS And Event Sourcing Questions Bennie Copeland 7/6/15
AggregateRootId vs EntityId for the AggregateRoot Entity. Fredrik Hörte 7/4/15
Designing aggregates and performance issues telemetrik 7/1/15
CQRS Commands and Events as generic classes? hothi...@googlemail.com 6/30/15
Organising teams around bounded contexts Andrew Easter 6/30/15
Collection aggregates to support different concurrency models? Alexandre Potvin Latreille 6/25/15
DesigningPermissionBasedSystem Muhammad Bilal 6/25/15
Should a process manager hold consistent data to control its workflow? Hsen Monzer 6/24/15
Transaction boundaries Andrew Easter 6/23/15
Inter-Aggregate Collaboration ROSHAN SHARMA 6/21/15
DDD on a website? Or CQRS / EventSourcing without DDD? Sébastien Lorber 6/19/15
Business decisions creeping into a Process Manager (Event Sourcing) Graeme Foster 6/18/15
Java Event Bus sherifsa...@gmail.com 6/17/15
Re: [DDD/CQRS] Modeling an approval workflow using a process manager Sammo 6/14/15
Shared read model across several bounded contexts Charles Desneuf 6/14/15
Re: Need advice on in-memory command/event dispatching (without ES) - C# Tom Janssens 6/12/15
Process Manager - possibility of issuing commands twice Kirill Chilingarashvili 6/12/15
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