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How to model multiple Sagas that handle a common message type? Plamen Boudinov 5:30 AM
The use of the commands that do not require aggregate state (eg RenameInventoryItem) xiety 1/20/17
ES replay with message queues? Cj de Vos 1/20/17
Domain model reuse David Reynolds 1/20/17
Read model, aggregates and the book of record David Reynolds 1/18/17
Aggregates and Foreign Keys Wouter Blancquaert 1/18/17
Out of order events in read models Erik Johansson 1/17/17
Re: [DDD/CQRS] Common models for entities in events/commands/aggregates Ben Kloosterman 1/15/17
Handling external/offline events Marco Perone 1/9/17
Can aggregates create themselves? But how to deal with the event store? Denny Crane 1/8/17
Can domain model uses value objects in the state transition part? José Luis Martinez de la Riva Manzano 1/5/17
One-to-many relationship between the aggregate roots Joo Lee 1/4/17
Role of the application service, and other questions, in a more idiomatic F# domain Antony Koch 12/29/16
Multiple events vs single aggregated one? TOTOlly Geek 12/23/16
Computing values in command handler vs. event handler Steven Grimm 12/21/16
Cqrs without aggregates in a customisable domain David Reynolds 12/19/16
Does it make sense to namespace event names with the bounded context? Jack Snow 12/18/16
How prevent execution command received from client which may be send from Process Manager only Andrey Ladniy 12/15/16
Duplicating data aggregation logic in domain model and projections Gediminas Geigalas 12/15/16
where to discern what action occurred Raif Harik 12/14/16
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