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CQRS framework Working on framework 8:42 PM
CQRS/ES: Mitigate risk that user makes decisions based on stale views? urbanhusky 7:06 AM
What of Flux ? Douglas Gugino 3:39 AM
Aggregate and a service that really does the job Michel Schep 7/27/16
Dealing with CRUD data in DDD Daris 7/26/16
Domain objects in Commands/Queries ? Oğuzhan Eren 7/26/16
Modeling question - How to achieve validation that requires other aggregates Qudoos Chaudhry 7/24/16
Singletons in Multi-Tenant applications Arun Nair 7/24/16
Microservices using C# Arun Nair 7/23/16
Deriving events schema from aggregate schemas Pierre 7/21/16
Enrich query model with data not in command model Chris McLeod 7/21/16
Making contexts explicit in the directory structure Jeroen De Dauw 7/21/16
Are unique command and event IDs necessary? Michael Ainsworth 7/15/16
Need Java Developer GC & USCitizen (Princeton, NJ) 06+Months Javed Khan 7/15/16
Event Handler as database integration point Mark Murfin 7/14/16
Urgent Need Java Developer Green Card and US Citizen (Princeton, NJ) 06 + Months Javed Khan 7/14/16
Splitting a single aggregate into multiple aggregates to simplify invariants. Michael Ainsworth 7/14/16
Where does Invoice payment retry logic belong? Denis Mikhaylov 7/11/16
Proper usage of a Process Manager in ES and micro-service Eric Lin 7/11/16
Early availability of an embeddable event sourcing database for Java Yurii Rashkovskii 7/11/16
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