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CQRS with WCF Pepito Fernandez 7:17 AM
Advantages of CQRS explained by Greg Young (2 hours / Bern / April, 28 / Management Audience) Michael 4/22/14
Development Training with Greg Young (2 days / Bern / April, 29+30 / Senior Developer Audience) Michael 4/22/14
How to rebuld Readmodel using NEventstore hector.T 4/20/14
Strategy to mapping back ViewModels to Domain Entities Gustavo Cruz 4/19/14
event driven architecture with legacy app Yoann 4/16/14
Getting Stuck with Bounded Contexts ... Michael Azerhad 4/16/14
Projecting event to a legacy schema. Tim Needham 4/16/14
No route specified for message 'RavenProject.Commands.CreateUserCommand' Mojam Dewan 4/14/14
Security in domain? oguzh4n 4/11/14
Event Sourcing: Versioning aggregates Vladik Khononov 4/9/14
Shared event store between bounded contexts? Alex Sanchez 4/8/14
Trying CQRS / ES with Java Rodolfo de Paula 4/7/14
Greg Young's 6 hour video is "forbidden". Anyone have a copy to share? Patrick Scott 4/7/14
What kind of "Service Data" should be public for IT/Ops? Neylor Ohmaly Rodrigues e Silva 4/4/14
"State of a Kingdom" projection Alexey Raga 4/3/14
Data duplication/replication across sub systems for logical & performance reasons, looking for DDD/CQRS guidance John Fly 4/2/14
Event Store Evan Larsen 4/2/14
[DDD] What will be the best way to demonstrate the benefits of DDD and CQRS as a new team member? Yin Zhang 4/1/14
Event Enrichment: Write Model + Integration Model + Read Model ? Forat Latif 3/29/14
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