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CQRS read models in hexagonal architecture Andrew Easter 8/25/16
Value objects in domain events and versioning Alexandre Potvin Latreille 8/25/16
Vaughn Vernon starts a new DDD meetup in Phoenix, AZ Leo E 8/25/16
Hyderabad Upcoming Events ,Trends, Workshops, Food Festivals, Parties srut...@gmail.com 8/25/16
Beginner: How to deal with complex domain model? How to interact on modular domain model with CQRS? Screaming Dev 8/25/16
Still called DDD/CQRS without having aggregates/entities? Frank 8/25/16
How to give the response of a `post` request Chopper Lee 8/25/16
Aggregates as consistency boundaries with system prevalence/memory image Michael Ainsworth 8/24/16
Aggregate Creation Patterns ess-cdp 8/24/16
Aggregate and a service that really does the job Michel Schep 8/24/16
Query read model or redefine Aggregate Boundaries? Josh 8/23/16
Can ES aggregate's events be published outside it's bounded context? nEAnnam140 8/23/16
Is read model dependent of just events? nEAnnam140 8/22/16
Multiple Write Models (suited and optimized for set of related commands)? hothi...@googlemail.com 8/21/16
Event Semantics Mark Murfin 8/20/16
The size of ARs jarchin 8/20/16
Snapshot larger than event stream? jarchin 8/20/16
Wrap domain roles around aggregate root operations to represent the ubiquitous language Mohsen 8/18/16
Domain Driven Design with node vivek poddar 8/17/16
https://skillsmatter.com/skillscasts/8082-stop-over-engineering Douglas Gugino 8/17/16
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