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Moving behavior around to be strongly consistent Alexandre Potvin Latreille 5:58 AM
Child Entities in CQRS Kyle Bradley 5:54 AM
Confused about communicating between bounded contexts. Jordan Neuhart 7/28/15
Validate vs Apply Nescio 7/28/15
Interaction of two BoundContextes Boas Enkler 7/27/15
Order BC and Inventory BC - how to communicate with each other? Thomas Geulen 7/27/15
Collect notification email data Peter Szarvas 7/27/15
What should go into Write Repository as compared to Read ? Sally 7/25/15
Should Everything Goes Via Command and Events Sally 7/25/15
Event Store and Read Model data Bennie Robinson 7/24/15
Entities relationships: One-To-Many vs. Many-To-One František Maša 7/22/15
Cross aggregate references to child entities Alex Farcas 7/21/15
Storing events with lots of associated data Kyle Turner 7/20/15
Event sourcing infrastructure implementation Jozef Čechovský 7/18/15
BoundContextes in real life. Boas Enkler 7/17/15
Re: [DDD/CQRS] Re: Design to avoid holding references to child entities Alex Farcas 7/15/15
Shared knowledge between Query model and Command model Andrew Cairns 7/15/15
Aggregate Roots and Event Versioning + Integration Difficulties Norbert Loszewski 7/15/15
Design to avoid holding references to child entities Michael Bergman 7/14/15
Synchronous command handling for process managers/sagas. Jordan Neuhart 7/14/15
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