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"The sweetest R-help group this side of the Mississippi"

Welcome to the Davis R Users' Group e-mail list!  This forum is for posting questions about R to members and occasional announcements.

No question is too small.  Many help lists can be daunting because they expect a level of knowledge of R or computer programming that not all users have, and the various R manuals and documentation can be difficult to navigate. While the general principles of the R-help list apply (http://www.r-project.org/posting-guide.html), we aim to be friendlier and more helpful for beginning and intermediate users.  Small bugs and questions about where to find documentation are welcome.  We can do this because our community is still small.

But there are lots of other resources out there, for users of all levels and stripes.  See our web page page for more resources.

We also have weekly in-person work sessions.  Summer 2015 times will be posted soon.

Interested people from outside the the UC Davis community are welcome to join, but we moderate questions from non-UC members to limit e-mail load and reduce spam.

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Modeling a Physiological Process Brandon Hurr 10/29/15
DIB Workshop Announcement: Docker Hands-On 11/9-11/10 C. Titus Brown 10/27/15
Work session tomorrow + regex talk next week Michael 10/27/15
Work session tomorrow 10-12 Michael 10/20/15
subsetting problem Chris Hamm 10/18/15
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