Thank you for your interest in Data Science and joining DataMeet.  My name is Nisha Thompson and I am the main operator.  You can get an intro to some of the things we have been doing here:

Also take a look at some topics to get started with:!forum/datameet

Feel free to introduce yourself to the group and talk about some of the things your interested in discussing and learning.

And let me know if you have any ideas or questions.


Nisha Thompson


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NakshaDB Sridhar 3/22/18
Regarding Thermal Band Images Ananya Bhatia 3/22/18
Bangalore Constituency / Ward map Parag Sarda 3/22/18
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ISRO Bhuvan usage? Hemant K 3/20/18
Any project on Name Commonality Pradeep 3/19/18
Regarding Shape file of City boundaries and village boundaries MALLIKARJUN MISHRA 3/17/18
Town Amenities data (Houselisting) Rashmi Kulranjan 3/17/18
Surviving Hackathons :: ITDay Rajasthan : Past experiences Sunil Choudhary 3/17/18
I need help in extracting data from a kannada pdf 3/15/18
Rainfall Data (Unpivoted) [Need Visualization] {Script for unpivoting done} Kshithij Iyer 3/9/18
[Hackathon Announcement] McKinsey 24-Hour Hackathon For Coders & Data Scientists Deepika Singhal 3/9/18
Ward boundaries of Bhubaneswar, Delhi and Rajkot Ananya Bhatia 3/7/18
Pune Budget Visualization Sanjana Krishnan 3/3/18
Kerala local government tracker Sanjana Krishnan 3/3/18
pune municipal corporation budget visualization Sanjana Krishnan 3/3/18
Open Data Day Events In Hyderabad srinivas kodali 3/2/18
NSSO 73rd round survey of non-corporate enterprises Data Kannan Kasturi 2/26/18
Kerala water bodies data published by Kerala PWD Nikhil VJ 2/25/18
Bangalore AQ Auto Drive Thejesh GN 2/23/18
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