Thank you for your interest in Data Science and joining DataMeet.  My name is Nisha Thompson and I am the main operator.  You can get an intro to some of the things we have been doing here:

Also take a look at some topics to get started with:!forum/datameet

Feel free to introduce yourself to the group and talk about some of the things your interested in discussing and learning.

And let me know if you have any ideas or questions.


Nisha Thompson


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World shape file mili jain 6/29/16
[BLR] Workshop on basics of satellite imagery processing. June 24th, 4pm Sajjad Anwar 6/29/16
Nice visualisation on Original of Food crops Meera K 6/28/16
Tamil Nadu Elections Visualization Manas Sharma 6/28/16
Public consultation on Government Open Data Use License - India Thejesh GN 6/28/16
Education Data Analysis & Visualization 6/27/16
Getting started with maps Manas Sharma 6/27/16
Purnia and Samastipur (Bihar) panchayat coordinates 6/26/16
Fwd: List of the Mohalla Clinics in Delhi Nikhil VJ 6/25/16
In gogole maps village name source? Gagan Bansal 6/24/16
ML-India Interview series | Dr. Vasudeva Varma IIIT Hyderabad Nishank Varshney 6/24/16
Upcoming Data Visualization Meetup Curran Kelleher 6/21/16
Geospatial bill tweak soon? - The Times of India on Mobile Vaishnavi Jayakumar 6/20/16
ML India Gurgaon chapter - Second meetup - Guest speaker from University College London Nishank Varshney 6/20/16
A data visualization of Kollywood actors filmography adiamaan keerthi 6/19/16
Anybody working on Smart City projects? Meera K 6/17/16
Pune: Bootcamp 25-26 june, Hackathon 8-10 july on public transit and water supply Nikhil VJ 6/16/16
[Maybe OT] does anybody have any data visualization that used a foss library and can be shown in Debconf 16. Shirish Agarwal 6/16/16
ML India Bangalore chapter | Fourth meetup - Guest speaker from Xerox Research Nishank Varshney 6/16/16
Pincode Boundaries of India Shravan Shah 6/16/16
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