Thank you for your interest in Data Science and joining DataMeet.  My name is Nisha Thompson and I am the main operator.  You can get an intro to some of the things we have been doing here:

Also take a look at some topics to get started with:!forum/datameet

Feel free to introduce yourself to the group and talk about some of the things your interested in discussing and learning.

And let me know if you have any ideas or questions.


Nisha Thompson


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Introducing for datameet Ankit Tibrewal 6:08 AM
Hillhacks 2016: Call for Proposals Guneet Narula 5/2/16
update to pincodes data Avinash Celestine 5/1/16
Mumbai Ward level data Rithika 5/1/16
Spatial Agent - by the World Bank Sarath Guttikunda 5/1/16
Quantifying QoS by Indian telcos Shashank Srikant 4/30/16
DISE Data Rajesh 4/30/16
Hyderabad Bus Routes, Realtime ETA API's srinivas kodali 4/29/16
India Income Tax Data srinivas kodali 4/29/16
Shapefiles for "complete" India Karthik Shashidhar 4/29/16
ML-India Interview series - Prof. Mausam, IIT Delhi Nishank Varshney 4/27/16
Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) shape file Kabir Agarwal 4/27/16
Delhi Odd Even Plan srinivas kodali 4/26/16
Air Traffic data Srikanth Lakshmanan 4/26/16
SEZ and land acquisition data Nikhil VJ 4/25/16
Feedback on app on Crime Data in India Saurabh Datar 4/25/16
[data] Pune annual budget 2016-17 SC (final) expenditures extract/database for analysis Nikhil VJ 4/22/16
Invitation to FACTLY Data Devthon Abraham Vargheese 4/22/16
How Linux Started - Interview @ TED February 2016 Sarath Guttikunda 4/21/16
ML India Bangalore chapter - 3rd meetup - Guest speaker from Scribble Data Nishank Varshney 4/21/16
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