Welcome!  This list is intended to help data visualization folks find, post, and share primarily contract jobs.  We need this list because the number of data-vis related jobs has exploded, and it has become difficult to find talented workers to do these jobs -- Or to find other people to give your feelers to, when you're booked.
The list will be tool agnostic, both static and/or interactive visualization work is welcome here.  Possible skills I imagine living here:  D3.js, Raphael.js, Processing / Processing.js, Paper.js, Flash, llustrator, Excel, Tableau, R (ggplot2), Python - matplotlib / chaco / traits/ bokeh / etc, Gephi/NodeXL/sigma.js. 

The job postings will be moderated, to keep it on-target. To post to this group, send email to Specify if it's full-time, contract, contract-to-hire; and whether remote work is ok. INCLUDE AN EMAIL ADDRESS FOR REPLIES IN THE BODY OF YOUR TEXT. Replies that get sent to the list address will be blocked from appearing!

- Best, Lynn (@arnicas)

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UI/UX Design Job visualizing satelite imagery at Planet Labs SF 9/16/16
6-month internship in Interaction Design and Data Visualization in Zürich, Switzerland Peter Gassner 9/13/16
New Startup With D3.JS Central To The Interface Clint Bird 9/13/16
Short Project: Several Interactive Charts in D3? Nemil Dalal 9/12/16
OrgChart in D3 - quick project 9/8/16
Graphic-designer / Programmer with artistic ambitions 9/8/16
Digital Graphics Editor, National Geographic Ryan Morris 9/8/16
Cloud Computing Data Visualization - Contract Kristopher Francisco 8/25/16
Front-End Developer/Data Visualization Engineer (d3.js) - BB&T Jesse Bikman 8/25/16
Need a D3 expert as a Consultant Michael McCurley 8/25/16
Data Visualization Engineer - Shopify 8/23/16
Interactive news developer at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 8/23/16
Data Visualization Developer, NYCDOE (Full time) Thaqi Vesa 8/18/16
Front End / Data Vis Developer (Full-time) Sasha Cuerda 8/17/16
Job Ron Jacobson 8/15/16
Research Analyst (Harvard, Some Data Viz) Dahlin, Lauren 8/15/16
Interactive Data Vis Developer (Full time) Speros Kokenes 8/11/16
3D geospatial geometry engineer Cindy McLaughlin 8/8/16
Front-End / DataViz Engineer - React / D3 (Boston) - FULL-TIME, LOCAL CANDIDATES ONLY 8/8/16
UX/UI design internship - Washington, DC William Merrow 8/4/16
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