Welcome!  This list is intended to help data visualization folks find, post, and share primarily contract jobs.  We need this list because the number of data-vis related jobs has exploded, and it has become difficult to find talented workers to do these jobs -- Or to find other people to give your feelers to, when you're booked.
The list will be tool agnostic, both static and/or interactive visualization work is welcome here.  Possible skills I imagine living here:  D3.js, Raphael.js, Processing / Processing.js, Paper.js, Flash, llustrator, Excel, Tableau, R (ggplot2), Python - matplotlib / chaco / traits/ bokeh / etc, Gephi/NodeXL/sigma.js. 

The job postings will be moderated, to keep it on-target. To post to this group, send email to Specify if it's full-time, contract, contract-to-hire; and whether remote work is ok. INCLUDE AN EMAIL ADDRESS FOR REPLIES IN THE BODY OF YOUR TEXT. Replies that get sent to the list address will be blocked from appearing!

- Best, Lynn (@arnicas)

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Contract: Interactive Charts Ethan Grant 7/20/17
Data Visualization for Gene Mapping in NYC (FTE) Samantha King 7/19/17
Job: Lecturer / Senior Lecturer in Spatial Data Science and Visualisation @ CASA UCL Dennett, Adam 7/19/17
Data Analysis Officer - job advert to be posted recruit 7/19/17
Data vis designer for Amazon in Seattle Iliinsky, Noah 7/12/17
Technical Director at Data Visualization Agency (Washington, DC) Jasmine Mithani 7/10/17
Front End Developer & Data Visualizer at Data Visualization Agency in Washington, DC Jasmine Mithani 7/10/17
2 Data Designer Roles at Fjord Dublin (Full Time) 7/8/17
Postdoctoral Fellow - Augmented Reality for Decision Support 7/3/17
Request for Proposals (RFP): make a dataviz web app for the Open Technology Fund Dan McDevitt 6/30/17
Development of an interactive dashboard for UNICEF – short term consultancy Karoline Hassfurter 6/27/17
Data Visualization Advisor and Team Lead position at JSI/Washington DC Teresa Yacoub 6/27/17
Fall Design Internship with Data Visualization Design Agency in Washington, DC William Merrow 6/27/17
Hiring visualization scientist for AI algorithm visualization Xinghua Lou 6/27/17
Tableau Developer (Excella Consulting) Amanda Makulec 6/26/17
Senior level ICT Specialist (Databases) with dataviz responsibilities, UNICEF, New York Karoline Hassfurter 6/20/17
posting a job Miriam Griffe 6/19/17
Data information/visualization expert for short term scoping and discovery project at UNICEF Karoline Hassfurter 6/17/17
Director of Cartography at National Geographic Kennedy Elliott 6/15/17
Data Visualization Specialist at in Mountain View (Full time) 6/14/17
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