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Solving cubic objective with linear constraints in cvxopt Mi Sch 8/21/17
Nonlinear constraints with solvers.cp Richard W Lincoln 8/11/17
CVXOPT can not find an optimal solution and quits with ValueError: domain error 7/21/17
CVXOPT.spmatrix takes too much time to create a sparse matrix Mason 7/21/17
cvxopt.coneqp runtime on large scale problems (is there any limitation?) Mason 7/19/17
Setting abstol not working as expected yd2612 7/12/17
Getting domain error because of scaling set to 0. yd2612 7/12/17
type conversion from numpy matrices to cvxopt matrices yd2612 7/7/17
Segmentation fault solving large linear program yd2612 7/4/17
Nonlinear Convex Optimisation stuck at ceratin value Tao Guo 7/4/17
Question about Quadratic Cone Program example in CVXOPT Mason 6/30/17
segment fault 王栋 6/29/17
GLPK crash when calling solvers.lp Benjamin Sperisen 6/25/17
Is coneqp using random seed anywhere? Matteo Lacki 6/22/17
Transfer data between CVXOPT.matrix and numpy.array without creating copies 6/22/17
cvxopt error when using MOSEK 8 solver 6/3/17
Optimization does not terminate with G and h matrices - fine with just P, q, A, and b Jared Vacanti 5/5/17
QCQP problems with CVXOPT? maksimilian musik 5/2/17
Is coneqp using a random number generator at some step? Matteo Lacki 4/27/17
Optimize L2-norm Ilya Grigoriev 4/21/17
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