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Specifying bounds of pieces for piecewise linear functions in cvxopt.modeling Paul Molodowitch 4/24/14
make html doc with no sidebar, mac latex denis 4/19/14
Install cvxopt on mac failed Ivelin Angelov 4/18/14
"Rank(A) < p or Rank([G; A]) < n" error from ArithmeticError exception Matthew Jeppesen 4/16/14
Error in CVXOPT/Python when using MOSEK solver Daniel Esteban Morales Bondy 4/4/14
Problem understanding documentation for cvxopt.solvers.conelp Raffael 4/3/14
How can I code a binary integer linear programming? cristobal lopez silla 3/24/14
TypeError in solver.cp Anil 3/21/14
FYI - draft PEP for adding a dedicated matrix multiplication operator to Python 3/15/14
trouble formulating problem dylan 2/28/14
GLPK building, but not linked Stephanie 2/27/14
Sqrt value error in jnrm2 scaling function Sebastian Kosch 2/22/14
log determinant sdp's with lmi constraints and cvxopt caglar 2/21/14
Parallel use of CVXOPT Josh Burkart 2/21/14
Need a 64-bit Windows version, but building gives errors Felix von Drigalski 2/11/14
Help with rank exception (example code provided) jah 2/6/14
CVXOpt with Enthought (Canopy formerly EPD) Python Kayhan Batmanghelich 2/3/14
domain vs constraints jah 2/2/14
cvxopt does not compile with glpk-4.52 1/26/14
compiling cvxopt with glpk-4.52 fails : missing symbols LPX_* 1/26/14
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