Cucumber and Cheese

Welcome to this list.  I look forward to discussions about the book as well as helping you with issues you may encounter.

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undefined method `application' for Rake:Module (NoMethodError) Pradeep Macharla 4/5/14
Showing Errors in the command prompt -Watir : Chrome Browser srinivas kadiyala 4/4/14
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ChildProcess::LaunchError with cucumber on windows 7 64 bit PTeng 11/11/13
pretty_face Michael Kernaghan 11/7/13
pretty_face gem installation Carlito GZ 11/6/13
Need help with the Adopting two Puppies with Cucumber implementations Shartul Kumar 9/11/13
Requesting for information on Bundler, Gemfile, Gemlock, and Rakefile with respect to Automation Shartul Kumar 8/14/13
Puppy Application install issue Sanjay Kittali 8/13/13
Reusable page panels Sanjay Kittali 7/22/13
Unable to get the unorderedlist working as mentioned in cucumber & cheese doc Sanjay Kittali 7/18/13
Issue with DEFAULT_DATA Sanjay Kittali 7/8/13
Ruby-Cucumber & Cheese (Adopting Puppies) Sanjay Kittali 6/28/13
Moving Default Data: undefined method 'merge' for nil:NilClass Michael Stamps 6/24/13
How to access page object element in step definitions without created a method for it? gkoltsov 5/25/13
Parallel tests gkoltsov 5/19/13