Cucumber and Cheese

Welcome to this list.  I look forward to discussions about the book as well as helping you with issues you may encounter.

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Chapter 6 - Using the database George Constantin 1/26/18
NoMethodError: undefined method `error_div_element' mark lane 1/3/18
Transforms mark lane 12/4/17
Question about buttons in classes mark lane 11/29/17
cannot load such file — watir (LoadError) mark lane 10/30/17
Cucumber and Cheese PDF Richard Donovan 10/24/17
NoMethodError: undefined method `describe_to' for nil:NilClass Richard Donovan 10/24/17
Issue with Adopting a puppy script from the Cucumber and Cheese book Al Baldwin 10/11/17
Error with SQLite3 gem mark lane 7/21/17
Another Rspec issue! mark lane 5/21/17
Failure on all Rspec Assertions mark lane 2/17/17
Adorable Puppies from a local Breeder Rabert Jason 7/13/16
"undefined method " error when calling adoption_helper Matthew Middleton 7/10/16
Large list of spelling corrections and basic grammar issues Jesse Riddle 7/6/16
Driver issues with first script Matthew Middleton 7/1/16
Cucumber/Watir-Webdriver with Database aaron meier 6/10/16
Error on the 5/12/16
Where can i get book examples? Kleitor Franklint 5/12/16
Problem with gametel mobile tests Luis Espla 5/12/16
CSS Menu aaron meier 5/12/16
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