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Any recommendations for a branding / design agency Ian P 2/10/14
Fwd: Senior freelance FED wanted Adi Eyal 1/27/14
Switching from an icon font to SVG Gavin 1/10/14
Reminder: Hackathon tonight Adi Eyal 12/5/13
Mini-hackathon this Thursday Adi Eyal 12/3/13
Automating Front-end Workflow presentation Gavin 11/16/13
Open source beta testers wanted guybedford 11/15/13
CSS Off starts on Tuesday Shaun O'Connell 11/10/13
Any interest in a talk on client side MVC frameworks? Hendrik Swanepoel 9/3/13
CTFEDs at Open Design CT, help needed Shaun O'Connell 8/16/13
CTFEDS Open Design day Justin Slack 8/16/13
Pixel-perfect timing attacks Shaun O'Connell 8/7/13
Wraith - a responsive screenshot comparison tool Jonathan Hitchcock 8/5/13
Anyone interested in another "soft skills"-ey talk? Gavin 8/1/13
Agile Insights - Cape Town - with Martin Fowler Ian P 7/24/13
What's the scene like? Remy Bach 6/18/13
Job-related messages Shaun O'Connell 6/11/13
RailsBridge Cape Town Steve Barnett 5/15/13
Where do you fit in the spectrum of Front-end Developers? Shaun O'Connell 5/14/13
Killer death ninja coder Adi Eyal 4/24/13
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