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The Boy Scouts of America's Computer Merit Badge B. Estrade 2/28/11
Image representation with Kindergartners (age 5-6) Karin Verspoor 2/28/11
Portugese (Brazil) translation of Unplugged now available Tim Bell 2/19/11
CS Unplugged, SIGCSE and new videos Tim Bell 1/24/11
Derevyanko Irina Ирина Деревянко 12/1/10
Yet another Unplugged video - Santa's dirty socks Tim Bell 11/2/10
Function Calls and Algorithms in Dance Choreography MichaelAM 11/1/10
New Unplugged video Tim Bell 10/29/10
New Unplugged activity - codes in songs Tim Bell 10/4/10
New Greek Translation of Computer Science Unplugged ! special visitor 9/18/10
New Greek Translation of the Computer Science Unplugged Project ! special visitor 9/18/10
A-D Conversion Kinesthetic Learning Activity Takeo 8/30/10
CS-Unplugged workshop in Tokyo Susumu 8/5/10
Unplugged - 2nd grade Don B 6/1/10
Teach CS Unpluged in Brasilian High Schools Rafael_Hocevar 5/26/10
[cs-unplugged-sharing] web search simulation Misha 5/18/10
[cs-unplugged-sharing] Using CS-Unplugged for Girls in Africa Unoma Okorafor 5/12/10
View this page "Great resources" Michele 5/10/10
[cs-unplugged-sharing] FW: [SIGCSE-members] CS Unplugged via Social Computing Peter Henderson 5/9/10
[cs-unplugged-sharing] Unplugged workshop in Portland, OR Tim Bell 5/5/10
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