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4th Creative Mathematical Sciences Communication (CMSC 2018) Frances rosamond 5/8/18
Constructionism conference - call for papers Tim Bell 2/6/18
Do you love CS Unplugged! So do we. Come to CMSC 2018. mathgypsie 2/4/18
CS Unplugged site about to change Tim Bell 2/4/18
Binary number learning activity Kenji Imasaki 1/17/18
Studies that prove the effectiveness of CS Unplugged? Elena Andueza Azcárate 11/11/17
CS Unplugged Wajira Weeraarachchi 10/12/17
Ideas for young students Tim Bell 10/12/17
Unruly Splats Tim Bell 10/5/17
Potato pirates Tim Bell 9/13/17
Parity bit trick magnets Marijn van der Meer 4/26/17
Group Work Help Aaron Maurer 3/15/17
Volunteer Program - CS Class on the island of Príncipe (Video) code.prin...@gmail.com 1/24/17
Unplugged demonstration and curriculum discussion Tim Bell 12/11/16
Need help regarding teaching to students with no computer science background Tushar Raisa 11/14/16
CS Unplugged now available in Bahasa Indonesia Tim Bell 8/8/16
FW: [CMSC] Creative Mathematical Sciences Communication--Update Tim Bell 7/8/16
CSUnplugged.org web site down? Franklin Weng 4/18/16
Re: [cs-unplugged-sharing] Abridged summary of cs-unplugg...@googlegroups.com - 1 update in 1 topic Adriano 4/18/16
Re: [cs-unplugged-sharing] Digest for cs-unplugg...@googlegroups.com - 1 update in 1 topic Daniela Marghitu 4/6/16
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