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Dutch translation Marijn van der Meer 4/10/14
CS Unplugged in the real world Don B 3/13/14
Fwd: Lights and Drums: an unplugged-style activity boukeas 1/28/14
Extensions to the Intelligent Piece of Paper activity boukeas 1/28/14
#YesWeCode Oakland Gala: An Evening with Van Jones & Friends Kalimah Priforce 1/25/14
harmonizing cs unplugged activities and teaching logo as cs plugged Nnaemeka David 1/13/14
Lights and Drums: an unplugged-style activity boukeas 12/16/13
announcing a new blog for kids and computers Nnaemeka David 12/8/13
An unplugged activity for Breadth First Search using Snakes and Ladders Game Dimitris Nikolos 10/3/13
STEMx conference - NZ schools talk Tim Bell 9/24/13
Image presentation and transport: an adapted CS Unplugged game Francis wyffels 9/10/13
Fwd: math outreach conf live streaming from Darwin, AU now Tim Bell 8/3/13
Erik Stern is coming to the Computer Math Outreach Conference Frances rosamond 7/3/13
Hiring @ Microsoft Citizenship for STEM or CS educator for digital engagement project Suphatra Laviolette 7/2/13
Polish translations available for all 20 activities! Tim Bell 6/27/13
Computer Maths Outreach Conference, Darwin AU, August Frances rosamond 6/5/13
Chick pea soup CS Unplugged activity Tim Bell 5/28/13
4 Color Map Problem Research Paper Conclusion John Heffernan 4/25/13
4 Color Map Problem Student Video John Heffernan 4/25/13
4 Color Map Study John Heffernan 3/21/13
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