CrisisCamp Boston is one of many CrisisCamps across the world that mobilizes whenever disasters strike.

Google Group:!forum/crisiscamp-boston

CrisisCamp brings together domain experts, developers, and first responders around improving technology and practice for humanitarian crisis management and disaster relief.

CrisisCamps are hosted in a barcamp style where great minds come together to share their knowledge and expertise for social good.

For more information on the broader community, visit the CrisisCommons:

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Fwd: [CrisisCommons] Haiti Cholera Monika Adamczyk 10/24/10
Hacks/Hackers Hackathon: Making geolocal apps using OpenBlock Monika Adamczyk 10/24/10
Global Crisis Camp Day - tomorrow, September 25th Monika Adamczyk 9/24/10
CrisisCamp for Pakistan, CrisisCommons Boston, and CrisisConference Boston Thom (CrisisCommons Boston) 8/23/10
Crisis Camp Organizers omdesign 8/23/10
Terrible Situation Am Into (NEEDS YOUR HELP) Elizabeth Gifford Sachs 7/14/10
Email from Liz Thom 7/14/10
CrisisCamp follow-up survey Thom 7/10/10
Invitation - CrisisCommons Weekly Conference Calls - April 25 Heather Blanchard (CrisisCommons) 4/24/10
CrisisCommons Community Conference Call Heather Blanchard (CrisisCommons) 4/10/10
CrisisCommons Workgroup Conference Calls this Weekend Heather Blanchard (CrisisCommons) 4/10/10
Boston Conference: "After the cameras have gone: rebuilding sustainable communities in Haiti" Sonja 4/3/10
Re: Digest for - 1 Message in 1 Topic Ellen Rossano 3/19/10
Early Warning and Early Action Systems Ranjit Chacko 3/4/10
CrisisCamp/CrisisCommons Chile Response Thom 2/28/10
Fwd: CrisisCamp Task in Support of Chile Thom 2/27/10
Skills Survey for CrisisCamp, February 13th Monika Adamczyk 2/12/10
Registration for Boston CrisisCamp February 13th is open Monika Adamczyk 2/11/10
Haitian Creole for Education Community Dinner -- Saturday with OLPC/Sugar NYC holt 2/5/10
CrisisCamp Boston has now its own Twitter and email address Monika Adamczyk 1/31/10
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