CrisisCamp Boston is one of many CrisisCamps across the world that mobilizes whenever disasters strike.

Google Group:!forum/crisiscamp-boston

CrisisCamp brings together domain experts, developers, and first responders around improving technology and practice for humanitarian crisis management and disaster relief.

CrisisCamps are hosted in a barcamp style where great minds come together to share their knowledge and expertise for social good.

For more information on the broader community, visit the CrisisCommons:

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This Saturday: Digital Humanitarian Network meetup @DistrictHall Captain Lyre Calliope 1/23/14
June 1-2, Random Hacks of Kindness Boston Captain Lyre Calliope 5/13/13
Boston Explosion CrisisCamp Myn 4/16/13
Something Today omdesign 4/16/13
Windows 8 Apps for Social Good contest Joyce Bettencourt 2/11/13
FEMA Think Tank and Deputy Administrator Rich Serino Will Ward 2/6/13
CrisisCamp Boston - January 2013 Captain Lyre Calliope 1/9/13
Random Hacks of Kindness #4 — Boston Thom Goodsell 11/28/11
Thank You! Thom (CrisisCommons Boston) 4/13/11
Honshu Quake Monika Adamczyk 3/11/11
Earthquake in New Zealand Thom 2/22/11
New England GiveCamp soliciting non-profit projects Monika Adamczyk 2/20/11
Fwd: [CrisisCommons] Help Teach OpenStreetMap Next Week in Boston Thom 2/10/11
active Crisis Commons projects? Monika Adamczyk 1/27/11
Your insights and input for OLPC Nick Doiron 12/21/10
Standby Crisis Mappers Task Force Monika Adamczyk 12/15/10
OLPC hosting global mapmaking event Nick Doiron 12/7/10
RHoK Hackathon pictures / live video stream from Boston site Monika Adamczyk 12/5/10
only 4 days left to register for the 3rd worldwide RHoK hackathon - Hacking for Humanity Monika Adamczyk 12/1/10
Engineers without Borders Speaker Series Dani Mironov 11/15/10
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