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Welcome to the support group for Cookie Control by CIVIC.

Please note that this is now the sole method of obtaining free support for Cookie Control. Not because we don't want to help, but because we have paid jobs to do too! That said, we'll be monitoring the group closely and we're pretty good at answering questions quickly.

Please help everyone out by posting questions with as much detail as possible. And if you do solve a question yourself, do share!

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Intermittent key validation problem Rodrigo García Acevedo 10/19/16
Intermittent key validation problem Rodrigo García Acevedo 9/14/16
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Version 7.0 in Internet Explorer 10 Julian C 7/19/16
Intermittent key problem today? Julian C 7/4/16
Invalid api message - multi host licence Jennie05 6/30/16
civic cookie control for wordpress bethebees 6/27/16
New Licence - Domain Entered Without www but should have had www Jonas Brown 5/12/16
Cookie Control Version 6 is now released Greg Rouchotas 5/9/16
Only secure content is displayed . . . Jules 5/8/16
api key invalid pop up Ian Sishton 4/14/16
Testing out Cookie Control before buying, but get weird Notice Jeroen G 4/14/16
Sub domains Jon Hurley 4/12/16
google cache gives api key error Jennie05 4/10/16
Cookie Control SINGLE DOMAIN Plan & Drupal Justin 3/28/16
Google Cache: Civic Cookie Control: Sorry, this api key is not valid. Please contact Civic Jeff C. 3/22/16
Downloading part 2 of cookie control Ian Sishton 3/9/16
Problem downloading part 2 of code Ian Sishton 3/1/16
Issues with cookie control within chrome. Works well within other browsers Niki McGowan 2/17/16
Set Up Michael Olivieri 2/10/16
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