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Is this just a question of personal prefs - echo or not? TimW 4/26/17
install ncurses (unknown type name ‘zend_rsrc_list_entry’) crankypuss 4/25/17
syntax errors are not being displayed bill 4/22/17
Know any good scripts to convert msaccess to mysql 4/21/17
Php files loaded, but not displayed Doug Laidlaw 4/19/17
ming 0.4.8 and php 7.1.x Frits 4/18/17
Storing a number inside a file 4/17/17
help with preg_replace bill 4/14/17
better header or htacces for redirect and which is the code? alex 4/14/17
slider slideshow which alex 4/14/17
Do you know of a guide on how to idiot proof php for use on the public web? 3/1/17
laspa de mudzig "dfnsv" Bwina Onolula 2/15/17
iThd-a51(530) @wen_Mohoch3 2/13/17
Drian Elchik / Plowtier Bwina Onolula 2/12/17
Re: New line character not working in foreach loop Jerry Stuckle 2/3/17
PHP Script working fine from browser but not working when executed from php 2/2/17
alternative of mysql_list_dbs in php array overflow 1/30/17
New line in php not working wart2ww 1/30/17
Symbol not found : _connectx arnaud 1/18/17
Making stuff available to search engines 1/14/17
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