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Has anyone successfully integrated Community Engine with Devise? Creede Lambard 8/1/16
TinyMCE Add Image not working? Ralph Edge 1/2/16
Updated to run on Rails 4.2.x? Glen Hall 9/2/15
unable to login? jsh 2/16/15
Messages: multiple recipients Matthias Frick 1/20/15
Installation error- NoMethodError: undefined method `configure' fo RailsDeveloper 1/1/15
Open source e-mail marketing app Bruno 9/29/14
Sign up not working: unknown attribute: user_id july 9/25/14
Compatibility with Ruby 2.1.2 Gabi Jack 7/30/14
favorites and favoritable jsh 6/2/14
Heroku assets problem. Sergei Muzukin 5/25/14
How to override the base controller's site_index method? Dan Coutu 5/15/14
Image upload not working Desara Xhura 4/24/14
New User Admin - Rails 4 Jeremias Santos 3/31/14
Chat in Community branch rails4 Jeremias Santos 3/26/14
Editing CommunityEngine? Jeremias Santos 3/26/14
[rails4 branch] omniauth config jsh 3/12/14
Rails4 Branch Bruno 3/12/14
ActiveModel::MassAssignmentSecurity::Error in MessagesController#create jsh 3/11/14
Compatibildade Version Jeremias Santos 3/5/14
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