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This group is where we talk about the IANA-registered Collection+JSON media type and various implementation details.

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an idea for solving the inline/subresource problem Dustin Getz 11/22/15
questions about cj spec Ricardo Kirkner 11/6/15
Ripozo and Cj.... Mike Amundsen 10/31/15
Extension Proposal: Flag deprecated attributes in the data array Geoff Lanotte 9/30/15
Is JSON-API a good hypermedia type? Josh 9/18/15
JSONException Twitter client Roger Rubens 8/14/15
Question about Query John Lim 7/30/15
Extension proposal: 'type' attribute for the link object Michael Levy 6/24/15
Extension Proposal: Add an error(s) object to the items array Geoff Lanotte 6/9/15
Yet another mixed collection question Pedro Prieto 5/26/15
Access Control John Lim 5/24/15
Why we won't be using Collection+JSON Evert Pot 5/22/15
First Release of My Generic Cj Client App.... Mike Amundsen 5/18/15
What is “version” property of Collection+JSON Petr Žďárský 3/25/15
JSON data from URL displays in different format in mozilla and chrome whereas the same saves as a file in correct format in IE Seema Pandian 3/21/15
Is there an alternative to the "data" as an array Jonathan Channon 3/19/15
Starting work on a Haskell Collection+JSON library Daniel Choi 3/14/15
Clean up spec round.... Mike Amundsen 3/4/15
Proposal: Validations Extension to the Data Array Geoff Lanotte 2/18/15
Constraint on top-level 'href'? Carles Jove i Buxeda 2/17/15
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