CoderDojoDC is part of the free, open, and non-profit CoderDojo coding clubs for kids and is located in the Washington, DC area.

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Unity3D Intro for the April 9th meeting Frank Hunleth 3/27/17
STEM event at Woodlin ES Josh Westgard 3/27/17
KID Museum spark behind the science event Josh Westgard 3/27/17
CoderDojo Slate article Frank Hunleth 3/17/17
Fwd: The Community Partner Newsletter | March Josh Westgard 3/15/17
Fwd: Deadline Friday- Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program Applications Josh Westgard 3/15/17
Fwd: Facebook LIVE STREAM- DC Watch Party Josh Westgard 2/8/17
Fwd: Attend a Summer Immersion Program Info Session! Josh Westgard 2/2/17
we're in need of a Raspberry Pi cart! Josh Westgard 1/26/17
Fwd: The Summer Immersion Program applications are open now! Josh Westgard 1/18/17
Next meeting 1/15 Frank Hunleth 1/8/17
code boogie Josh Westgard 12/7/16
Color, Astronomy, and Coding Sabrina Hsu 11/30/16
Fwd: Possible CoderDojo resource - Snakify - Learn Python 3 by solving problems online Josh Westgard 11/30/16
Josh Westgard 11/25/16
Rockville Makerspace open house 11/19 Frank Hunleth 11/14/16
Fwd: Ready to make a difference in your community? Josh Westgard 11/11/16
National Math Festival, April 22 Josh Westgard 11/10/16
cybersecurity event on Nov. 7 Josh Westgard 11/2/16
showcase! Josh Westgard 10/27/16
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