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Game jam meeting tomorrow (8/14) cancelled Frank Hunleth 8/13/16
Next meeting: this Sunday (07/17) Josh Westgard 7/14/16
Intro to supercomputer programming - July 3rd Frank Hunleth 6/25/16
Maryland STEM fest 2016 Josh Westgard 6/15/16
scratch challenge day Josh Westgard 5/22/16
4/14 Mentor meeting notes Frank Hunleth 4/15/16
Planning meeting tonight @ 9 pm Frank Hunleth 3/17/16
Codestarter Laptops/Acer C720 Chromebook Frank Hunleth 3/7/16
Fwd: Please help us spread the word about our FREE summer program! Josh Westgard 2/25/16
Blair CS day 02/26 Josh Westgard 2/22/16
Mentor meeting - 2/18 @ 9pm Frank Hunleth 2/17/16
Mentor meeting video call link Frank Hunleth 2/11/16
Next Coderdojo (Jan 31st) Melissa Ford 1/25/16
Fwd: Applications are open for the Girls Who Code FREE Summer Program! Joshua Westgard 1/19/16
This Sunday's meeting Frank Hunleth 12/16/15
Planning meeting tonight (12/10 @ 9pm) Frank Hunleth 12/13/15
Fwd: Help Spread the Word About Our Free Program! Josh Westgard 12/1/15
Planning meeting notes Frank Hunleth 11/14/15
ideas for the Hour of Code Jason Blum 11/9/15
Cleveland contacts Josh Westgard 11/4/15
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