This group is for those who are interested in learning more about the CodeMash conference, held in January each year in Sandusky, OH.

Please be patient when submitting a request for membership --- we're all volunteers!

ATTENTION RECRUITERS: You may NOT post job announcements here. You will be immediately banned from the group.

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Posts from CodeMash for 12/02/2016 CodeMash Conference Organizers 12/2/16
Call for Afterdark sessions is now open bprince 11/23/16
Buy my ticket? Calvin Allen 11/8/16
blogged: Help appease the fire marshal bprince 11/4/16
Any word on the Kalahari rooms? Pete 11/3/16
Why are we still using Google Groups? Scott 10/31/16
Re: [CodeMash] looking for a ride to codemash Abbey Gwayambadde 10/28/16
Kalahari attendee room waitlist update bprince 10/25/16
Suggestion: Let's switch to Slack 10/20/16
2016 API? Tony A. 10/19/16
Pre-compiler scheduling David Tabaka 10/13/16
Kalahari rooms Mani A 10/11/16
2017 Hotel callout J. R. Titko 10/4/16
Promotional Code Gary Powell 10/3/16
Registration Begins? Campbell, William (Penske) 10/3/16
Would someone explain Precompilers? Stephanie Carter 10/3/16
2017 Tickets / Hotels Ryan Riddell 9/29/16
Interested in bringing my 12 year old son rcasto 9/27/16
Call For Papers is Open Rob Gillen 8/20/16
Hey Ya'll are the dates correct? Scott Preston 8/10/16
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