This group is for those who are interested in learning more about the CodeMash conference, held in January each year in Sandusky, OH.

Please be patient when submitting a request for membership --- we're all volunteers!

ATTENTION RECRUITERS: You may NOT post job announcements here. You will be immediately banned from the group.

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Tom Hood is the winner of the XBOX ONE from Cynergies Solutions Group DebbieHoly 1/14/14
CodeMash 2014 Session Archive Joe Kuemerle 1/13/14
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Automating Windows Azure session resources MikeWo 1/13/14
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Pictures - Quad Copters and Womack Family Band John Hauck 1/13/14
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Congrats to Thomas Mitchell - Apple TV Prize Winner from CareWorks Tech Dale Romick 1/10/14
Congratulations to Christopher Sauer - winner of the Samsung Galaxy Tab3 from CareWorks Tech Dale Romick 1/10/14
Feedback for Organizers Mark Dingee 1/11/14
Thank you, CodeMash 2014 Pete 1/13/14
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