This group is for those who are interested in learning more about the CodeMash conference, held in January each year in Sandusky, OH.

Please be patient when submitting a request for membership --- we're all volunteers!

ATTENTION RECRUITERS: You may NOT post job announcements here. You will be immediately banned from the group.

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Ticket and Hotel details for CodeMash 2016 bprince 12/14/15
2016 API? Tony A. 2/15/16
Software Craftsmanship Calendars Steven Smith 1/17/16
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CodeMash 2016 session repository Joe Kuemerle 1/6/16
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Android Phone App or Official App? Abbey Gwayambadde 1/6/16
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Check In Campbell, William (Penske) 1/4/16
SO SOON! LIGHTNING TALKS!!!!! Corey Haines 1/4/16
Everything you wanted to know about the hotel shuttle for CodeMash Mike Woelmer 1/3/16
Registration Booth Hours January 4th Greg Finzer 1/3/16
Ride Share from Columbus on Monday Guy Royse 1/3/16
Are the Precompiler Prereqs Available? Matt Shields 1/2/16
10 talks already for LIGHTNING TALKS!!!!! Corey Haines 12/31/15
OMG! LIGHTNING TALK SUBMISSION LIVE!!!!!!!!!!! Corey Haines 12/30/15
We have a Codemash Community Slack Group Chris Woodruff 12/29/15
Sessions with limitead seats Mike Z 12/29/15
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