Colorado Birds

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Colorado Rare Bird Alert, 22 June 2018 Joyce Takamine 3:06 AM
Northern Parula - Broomfield Doug Faulkner 6/21/18
Do not open anything from me (Loch)I have been hacked. Sorry. Loch Kilpatrick 6/21/18
Proposal Loch Kilpatrick 6/21/18
Peculiar Scaup Pairing David Tønnessen 6/21/18
New Burrowing Owl Location [Weld] The "Nunn Guy" 6/21/18
Colorado Rare Bird Alert, 21 June 2018 Joyce Takamine 6/21/18
warbler Scott 6/20/18
Tennessee warbler, Horsetooth Reservoir, Larimer Co Arvind 6/20/18
Crane Hollow Road Dickcissels Boulder County Bob Fiehweg 6/20/18
Bobolinks continue Bob Fiehweg 6/20/18
Morgan Playas William Kaempfer 6/20/18
Colorado Rare Bird Alert, 20 June 2018 Joyce Takamine 6/20/18
Boulder county trails closed mblackford 6/19/18
Boulder Birding: Yes to Lilian's Meadowlark and CS Warbler Steven Mlodinow 6/19/18
Moderator's note - prior two posts (Bobolink, Chestnut-sided Warbler) posted late David Suddjian 6/19/18
Chestnut Sided Warbler - south mesa trail parking lot Dan Zmolek 6/19/18
Painted Bunting at Chatfield SP 6/18 Chip Clouse 6/19/18
No. Cardinal in Melody Park area Bob Fiehweg 6/19/18
Fox Sparrows, Park/Summit Counties 6/19/18
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