Colorado Birds

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Snowy Owl nocturnal behavior in a wintry suburb (out of state) Dick Filby 8:53 PM
Re. Sora and other birds in Larimer county- Ruddy Duck Marcia Canter 6:35 PM
snowy owls Scott 5:59 PM
Sora and other birds Larimer County COBirds 3:10 PM
Yellow-shouldered Parrot 500th Lifer. Bonaire, Netherland Antilles, South America Egret 2:44 PM
Hooded Merganser x Goldeneye Robert Raker 1/20/18
Red-breasted merganser, Erie Lake Adam Johnson 1/20/18
2 Snowy Owls at Boulder Res, Boulder Todd Deininger 1/20/18
CFO Convention - 2018: Paper Session Amber Carver 1/20/18
Pueblo birds 1/20 Brandon 1/20/18
Lamar on 17Jan2018 (Prowers) Dave Leatherman 1/20/18
Pueblo/Canon City DFO trip moved to Saturday Gregg Goodrich 1/19/18
RFI - Harris Hawk Larimer County Gary Witt 1/19/18
Pueblo Snowy Owl continues 1/19 Brandon 1/19/18
Good news about birding access at Coors Ponds! Joe Roller 1/19/18
Rare Bird Alert for Friday, January 19 Mary & David 1/19/18
Boulder County and Standley Lake Snowy Owls... skunked again! Kat Bradley-Bennett 1/18/18
Rusty Blackbirds, Pueblo State Park Adam Vesely 1/18/18
Rare Bird Alert for Thursday, January 18 Mary & David 1/18/18
Barnacle Goose Redux Steven Mlodinow 1/18/18
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