CNC Build Club

Welcome! The CNC Build Club is a group of people interested in designing, building or working on CNC machines including CNC routers and mills, robots, Carvey, Shapeoko, 3D printers and other contraptions. We often/usually meet at Pumping Station: One (Chicago's original and biggest and best hackerspace) every third Thursday of the month 7pm. There might be additional field trips and meetings from time to time. This Google Group is for discussion of all kinds of things, the Meetup group will also alert you of upcoming meetings and events:

How to use this group:
  1. Introduce yourself! (we're friendly)
  2. Join or start a project! (all experience levels welcome)
  3. Come to the monthly meetings and build stuff!

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I'd like to do a kid's CNC workshop, planning way ahead - can you help? Ray Doeksen 4/25/17
Upcoming CNC Build Club meetings and what you can do to help Ray Doeksen 4/25/17
CNC Machine tools survey mayank sharma 3/9/17
Oddball kinematics with LinuxCNC Ron Bean 3/1/17
Machinekit Meetup April 29/30 in Madison Ron Bean 2/27/17
I made yet another draw bot Bart Dring 2/13/17
CNC Build Club meeting CANCELED for Feb 2- sorry! Ray Doeksen 2/2/17
CNC Grinding Steve 2/1/17
Maker Faire Chicago: Town Hall event! Ray Doeksen 1/22/17
3D Printed Harmonic Drive Bart Dring 1/17/17
Machinable Wax Filament Bart Dring 1/9/17
CNC Build Club tonight, Jan 5, 2017 at Pumping Station: One Ray Doeksen 1/5/17
Looking to obtain an CNC machine - anything collecting dust out there? Danny Blanchard 12/25/16
Dec 1 meetup? Ron Bean 12/1/16
Endmills/Cutters - Where do you buy yours? Danny Blanchard 10/23/16
ShapeOko1 Pumpkin Carving Adventure! Danny Blanchard 10/21/16
CNC mucking about @ Analytics Lounge Ray Doeksen 10/17/16
Project Night - CNC retro-fit at Analytics Lounge Ray Doeksen 10/6/16
IMTS!!!!! Steve 9/22/16
Shapes Plus Robert Adams 9/1/16
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