Welcome to clojure-power! This group was spawned out of a discussion about how to start and sustain Clojure user groups at Clojure/conj 2012 but is applicable for anyone interested in promoting Clojure through groups, conferences, training, etc.

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Clojure User Groups list Bridget Hillyer 1/5/15
Amsterdam Clojurians Bug Killing Hackathon, a meetup report Carlo Sciolla 11/13/14
Lithuanian Clojure User Group Osvaldas Grigas 8/16/14
Glasgow Clojurians - 3rd of July Adrian Mowat 6/26/14
London Clojurians Bridget Hillyer 6/26/14
ClojureDC in the Clojure User Groups Paul Gearon 12/16/13
Philadelphia Clojure Language Club is Clojadelphia now Tim Visher 12/11/13
Adding a user group to the community page at James Sofra 9/17/13
FYI, discount Alex Miller 9/17/13
I'm starting russian clojure user group. Николай Рыжиков 9/3/13
Re: Debriefing of the first belgian clojure meetup Carlo Sciolla 4/10/13
Improving visibility of Michael Klishin 3/11/13
New Dutch Clojure group - Rotterdam/Den Haag Clojure Meetup - EHRD.clj Vijay Kiran 2/27/13
Welcome to clojure-power! Alex Miller 2/8/13
New Clojure user group in Israel Daniel Szmulewicz 12/16/12
Experiences from second meetup in Zurich Clojure User Group Thomas G. Kristensen 12/11/12
[ANN] New functional programming group (Western Massachusetts) Chas Emerick 12/7/12
InfoQ survey on JVM langs Alex Miller 11/27/12
Dojos and hack projects Alex Miller 11/20/12
"Running a CLJUG" guide for Michael Klishin 11/18/12
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