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Tightening LispReader Christophe Grand 8:26 AM
[ANN] Clojure infrastructure SSL Alex Miller 4/21/17
[CLJ-1965] First-class metadata support for registered specs Josh Brandoff 4/5/17
ClojureClr time function Martynas Drobulis 4/4/17
New 1.9 predicates return nil Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant 4/3/17
ensure causes more contention than ref-set [Was: Ensure more concurrency] Bendlas 3/9/17
Extending the REPL Thomas Heller 3/9/17
Making spec.test/intrument enable return value checking Adam P. Jenkins 2/3/17
Type predicates for defrecord and deftype Pierre-Yves Ritschard 1/6/17
cljc support for contrib libs Alex Miller 12/12/16 (and cljc) Alex Miller 11/27/16
clojure.lang.Reflector in java9 Bendlas 11/22/16
Clojure infrastructure update Alex Miller 11/19/16
compile bug throw_if creates object-array without StackTraceElement type Gerrit Jansen van Vuuren 10/21/16
using gen-class to extend clojure.lang.Numbers and possibly expose constructor to library devs? Sophia Gold 10/4/16
[request] contrib jenkins access; data.xml Bendlas 10/4/16
test suite for java classes Simon Vocella 9/26/16
unfold Kevin Downey 9/18/16
Passing runtime info to clojure.spec/conform Tommi Reiman 9/15/16
clojure.xml serializing to XML Timo Sand 9/13/16
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