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backwards compatibility case study in test.check gfredericks 7/21/16
Clojure 1.9.0-alpha10: Semantic mismatch: any? vs not-any? Alan Thompson 7/18/16
Question re: definition of new int preds (int?, pos-int?, etc.) Peter Taoussanis 7/5/16
Permission to edit Jira tickets Christian Egli 7/5/16
Register DynamicClassLoader as parallel capable ? dennis zhuang 6/21/16
:default multimethods unsupported by multi-spec Chas Emerick 6/20/16
Are nil specs valid? Chas Emerick 6/20/16
clojure.spec/fn-specs vs aliased symbols Laszlo Török 6/15/16
adding a function to map values in Map Hiroyuki Fudaba 6/15/16
Adding a notation to access argument Hiroyuki Fudaba 6/13/16
Adding optional specs to contrib libraries? Sean Corfield 6/1/16
implications for test.check? Stuart Halloway 5/24/16
cljc - enabled macros Bendlas 5/23/16
Thoughts on a new facility to create inline caches? Nathan Marz 5/21/16
a function to check if a sequence has an item Hiroyuki Fudaba 5/18/16
java.jmx with less reflection Stuart Halloway 5/5/16
No easy way to gracefully shutdown agents - Improvement suggestion Ruslan Al-Fakikh 5/5/16
Re: Callback fn in core.async/put! Alan Thompson 4/28/16
Asking for permission to edit Jira tickets (I have signed the CA) Ruslan Al-Fakikh 4/25/16
Improvement suggestion: document await that it will never return if shutdown-agents was called Ruslan Al-Fakikh 4/18/16
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