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A transducer for clojure.core.flatten Vincent Cantin 2/19/18
Allow custom read-cond features Bendlas 2/18/18
State of core.async Pierre-Yves Ritschard 2/14/18
Var volatile bug? Nathan Fisher 1/3/18
Proposal: Improvements for Contributors/Screeners Nathan Fisher 12/22/17
locking macro is 2x slower than synchronized block of Java Tsutomu Yano 12/11/17
doseq should return nil Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant 12/9/17
Adding utility functions to core.logic (Unit Tested and doc'd) 11/27/17
An idea to improve foundations of documentation in clojure Sameer Rahmani 10/18/17
Why Contrib? Sean Corfield 10/10/17
Re: any? in clojure 1.9.0 alpha Alan Thompson 10/6/17
permission to edit JIRA tickets 9/12/17
Named loop and recur-to: working patch extending loop/recur to nested loops Michał Marczyk 9/10/17
clojure.test and spec integration Sameer Rahmani 8/4/17
Extending the REPL Thomas Heller 8/2/17
s/merge documentation confusion Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant 7/10/17
nothing? predicate Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant 7/10/17
reduce and IReduce vs IReduceInit (and CollReduce) Sean Corfield 7/1/17
proxy-super is not threadsafe Kevin Downey 6/30/17
Proposal: split clojure.test.check.random namespace into separate org.clojure/core.random library Sam Estep 6/12/17
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