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java.jmx with less reflection Stuart Halloway 6:17 AM
No easy way to gracefully shutdown agents - Improvement suggestion Ruslan Al-Fakikh 3:31 AM
Re: Callback fn in core.async/put! Alan Thompson 4/28/16
Asking for permission to edit Jira tickets (I have signed the CA) Ruslan Al-Fakikh 4/25/16
Improvement suggestion: document await that it will never return if shutdown-agents was called Ruslan Al-Fakikh 4/18/16
Eduction not IMeta Marshall Bockrath-Vandegrift 4/12/16
Namespaced maps Alex Miller 4/11/16
Calling close! on core.async timer channel considered harmful Antonin Hildebrand 4/11/16
min-key, max-key and NaN 4/8/16
Optimization proposal for Marko Hantula 4/7/16
core.async and the mapcat transducer Neil Menne 4/2/16
unfold Kevin Downey 4/1/16
OpenJDK 1.6 test matrix failures? Sean Corfield 3/27/16
converting math.combinatorics to CLJC Eric Lavigne 3/18/16
Missing stateful transducer Pierre-Yves Ritschard 3/17/16
tests for atom (-validation, -watchers, -derefs) Linus Ericsson 3/11/16
CLJ-1454 and CLJ-1599 - deref-swap! / deref-reset! Alex Miller 3/11/16
CLJ-706 make use of deprecated namespaces/vars easier to spot Alex Miller 3/11/16
Casting issue Petr Yanovich 2/29/16
clojure.string/substring Pierre-Yves Ritschard 2/26/16
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