Discussion and announcements on static type checking in Clojure.

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How does gradual typing solve the "annotate the world" problem? Chris Cornelison 10/8/15
Any response to the concerns raised in "Why we’re no longer using Core.typed"? Jakub Holý 10/7/15
Proxying final classes should be possible after all Jakub Holý 10/6/15
Won't gradual typing require integration with the Clojure compiler? Chris Cornelison 10/6/15
Annotating existing libraries with old Clojure versions Chris Cornelison 9/23/15
Usage with clojurescript Taylor Sando 9/19/15
Library with annotations for Chris Cornelison 9/19/15
Low hanging fruit screencasts Chris Cornelison 9/18/15
first on HVec Mark Feeney 9/15/15
Bad call to path-type: nil Mark Feeney 9/15/15
Can anyone help me understand this type error? Laurens Van Houtven 9/15/15
Using polymorphic records Brendan Tobolaski 9/12/15
Conditional reads Piotr Jarzemski 9/9/15
java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError on lein typed check George Frivolt 8/30/15
check error Brendan Tobolaski 8/30/15
Annotating Ring handlers, middleware Mark Feeney 8/25/15
2 odd cases - no-check and ann-record in a macro Steven Benjamin 8/17/15
core.typed 0.3.11 Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant 8/13/15
Getting core.typed to load .cljc files Aaron Craelius 8/7/15
Expressing hierarchy in function arguments Steven Benjamin 8/7/15
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