Discussion and announcements on static type checking in Clojure.

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Updating the Clojurescript Checker Vincent Heuken 10/13/17
[ANN] Automatically generate your specs and types Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant 10/13/17
core.typed 0.3.32 - core library annotations Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant 5/18/17
How can I type check this function? Didier 4/28/17
Automatically ignore untyped vars? Chris Cornelison 3/18/17
ClassNotFoundException with slim jar Herwig Hochleitner 3/8/17
Can typed-clojure be used without writing any type annotation? Paulo César Cuneo 2/26/17
Cider warning post 0.3.25 Peter Fraenkel 2/21/17
[ANN] core.typed 0.3.31 - "paired" rest arguments like hash-map/assoc Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant 1/15/17
[ANN] core.typed 0.3.30 - Remove "collection phase" Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant 1/11/17
[ANN] core.typed 0.3.29 Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant 1/8/17
State of core.typed? Didier 11/5/16
ClassCastException using spec-infer Emlyn Corrin 9/7/16
[ANN] Automatic specs + core.typed release Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant 8/31/16
[ANN] Automatic Clojure Type Annotations Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant 8/18/16
check-ns fails with StackOverflowError love-clojure 6/14/16
type check error (higher order unification?) Tao Yang 6/7/16
DEPRECATED SYNTAX for Fn love-clojure 5/23/16
clojure.core.typed/cf fails love-clojure 5/23/16
core.typed 0.3.23 - Bug fix Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant 4/15/16
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