Discussion and announcements on static type checking in Clojure.

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Updating the Clojurescript Checker Vincent Heuken 2/8/16
core.typed 0.3.22 - Implicit type checking via `eval` Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant 1/31/16
TypedClojure examples in comparison to Scala and Java Piotr Jarzemski 1/31/16
core.typed 0.3.20 - Transitive dependencies, new "Getting Started" tutorial Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant 1/30/16
cljc reader conditional troubles Kaylen Wheeler 1/29/16
How do I define a type-indexed map? Kaylen Wheeler 1/13/16
Error loading core.typed clojure/tools/analyzer Brendan Tobolaski 11/30/15
untyped-vars and form checking (clojure.core.typed/cf) Jeroen van Dijk 11/26/15
core.typed 0.3.17 - Fix dependency bug (disables AOT), new internal contract system Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant 11/11/15
core.typed 0.3.15 - Dependency changes + bug fix Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant 11/11/15
Annotating keyword parameters Kaylen Wheeler 10/30/15
Cannot resolve alias name Kaylen Wheeler 10/28/15
core.typed 0.3.{13-14} - New #lang feature, contract generation for imports Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant 10/26/15
using annotated select-keys, merge etc. George Frivolt 10/26/15
Strange behavior with a mapping-function 10/22/15
core.typed 0.3.12 - cljc support Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant 10/19/15
How does gradual typing solve the "annotate the world" problem? Chris Cornelison 10/8/15
Any response to the concerns raised in "Why we’re no longer using Core.typed"? Jakub Holý 10/7/15
Proxying final classes should be possible after all Jakub Holý 10/6/15
Won't gradual typing require integration with the Clojure compiler? Chris Cornelison 10/6/15
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