Discussion and announcements on static type checking in Clojure.

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Feedback on new library that's annotated with core.typed Alistair Roche 1/23/15
Autogenerating documentation Alistair Roche 1/23/15
heterogeneous async/alts? Peter Fraenkel 1/22/15
(quote x) vs (Value x) Timo Mihaljov 1/22/15
performance and concurrency Peter Fraenkel 1/10/15
Understanding emacs / light table "display of type data, and annotation snippets" features Laurent PETIT 1/8/15
flycheck in emacs Peter Fraenkel 1/7/15
core.typed 0.2.77 - Verified RBT `restore-right` rebalancing Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant 1/4/15
core.typed 0.2.76 - Better type for flatten Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant 1/3/15
core.typed 0.2.75 - Let-aliasing Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant 1/2/15
core.typed 0.2.{73-74} Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant 12/30/14
Beginners question on how to use core.typed Roger Gilliar 12/28/14
No method in multimethod 'check' for dispatch value: :reify Roger Gilliar 12/28/14
nth not supported on this type: Keyword Peter Fraenkel 12/22/14
tic tac toe game Jesse 12/18/14
defalias syntax for supporting Variants as per Variants are not Unions in clojure conj 2014 Wismin Effendi 12/17/14
Using HashSets in polymorphic functions that take functions as arguments Jesse 12/13/14
(newbie) Disable cljs type checking in leiningen plugin and check-ns function. Константин Седых 11/21/14
(newbie) A few clarity questions Colin Yates 11/2/14
transducers Peter Fraenkel 10/27/14
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