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full-screen mode? 4/22/14
Quil 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT available on clojars Nikita Beloglazov 4/17/14
Quil/Clojurescript status/prospects? Lee Spector 4/14/14
Google Summer Of Code 2014 Nikita Beloglazov 2/25/14
:opengl renderer here to stay? Lee Spector 2/18/14
exporting a Quil applet? Lee Spector 2/13/14
Quil 1.7 released! Nikita Beloglazov 2/12/14
How to remove an item form an collection atom? Ricardo Sanchez 2/7/14
Quil 1.7.0-SNAPSHOT available on clojars Nikita Beloglazov 2/4/14
How to create a grid of ellipses with different attributes? Ricardo Sanchez 1/31/14
Trying to initialise sketch :size with a vector Ricardo Sanchez 1/22/14
trying to update to new processing libs - need help with wrappers 1/20/14
what is the preferred way to work with gsvideo or qtvideo events? JUAN ANTONIO Ruz 1/5/14
how can i export my quil sketches? 12/21/13
Using Quil for a game jam Gary Deer 12/19/13
Looking for example of Quil batch rendering... Stuart Hungerford 10/27/13
Need a simple example of Quil and Overtone integration Ricardo Sanchez 9/29/13
Crunchy Text nick rothwell 9/22/13
Packaging OpenGL for Clojars Tobias Jewson 9/19/13
uberjar can't find gluegen-rt Cayenne 8/17/13
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